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Interdimensional Explorers Reader Reviews

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Interdimensional Explorers

Can Danny save the universe and return all the aliens or will something get in his way?

This book is amazing I couldn't put it down. It follows Danny who's a 12 year old and nothing exciting ever happens to him. That all changes when he fall into a locker at his grandads workshop. Follow Danny as he goes on an adventure with his friends to return all the aliens. But what will they find while doing it which doesn't want them too? Gripping from start to finish one of my favourite books this year

Lexi Mooney

Hilarious sci-fi adventure where three friends save the multiverse and pick up an unusual, cute and very handy pet along the way.

This book is a hilarious sci-fi adventure about three friends who take over the interdimensional job Danny's' grandad when he's taken ill. They soon discover that there's a lot more to it than pressing a few buttons in the lost property office as they set off on an action-packed journey across dimensions to return some of the lost creatures. They quickly realise there's something not quite right with the new lost property hub and the too-good-to-be-true pair hoping to automate it. The story is jam-packed with imaginative beings and gadgets and the jokes keep coming thick and fast. There are brilliant black and white illustrations that bring the story to life. I'm looking forward to reading more stories about Danny and his friends in the multiverse in book two. If only I could convince my parents to get me a Shugly!


Jam packed full of outer space adventure and weird creatures!

Jam packed full of adventure lots of strange things happening to Danny. I found the book very interesting and funny, I loved that it was set in space. I think the characters are very brave and they all have a funny friendship. The illustrations are really imaginative too.