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SuperQuesters: The Case of the Great Energy Robbery Reader Reviews

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SuperQuesters: The Case of the Great Energy Robbery

This book is a lot of fun. The interactive challenges are exciting and keep the reader engaged. The story is an adventure style and focuses on renewable energy resources and is a good introduction to these issues.

This is a really fun book. The story focuses on environmental issues and renewable energy sources. It is a good introduction to these subjects and is thought provoking. The adventure style story and the interactive, problem solving activities keep the book exciting and fun. The book has a good balance between story telling and activities. There are 8 interactive quests to complete and the book comes with over 100 stickers.


Educational, interesting and fun.

This book is very educational, interesting and fun. It contains stickers which my boy loves. The story is quite interesting and while reading it, you can answer the questions. We went through the whole book and me and my son both loved it.

Dayana Nedeva

Lovely story with bright and colourful pictures and plenty of stickers!

I received a copy of this book to enjoy with my 7 year old son. First impressions were great- the book is bright and colourful.

The story is simple enough- energy is being stolen and the thief needs to be stopped. You stop the energy theft by completing puzzles using the included stickers.

There are plenty of stickers included to complete the book along with spares in case you’d like to read through and redo the puzzles at a later date. I loved the fact that the sticker pages were perforated, to allow you to easily remove them from the book so a child could access them independently.

The answers are at the back of the book to ensure you’ve answered correctly, and the contents page doubles as a reward chart that you fill in with stickers as you move through the book.

The story includes lots of facts about renewable energy and I know that I learnt a lot reading through it with him.

I’m not sure that my son would redo the book- he enjoyed it but the puzzles seemed a little too easy for him- I’d probably suggest that it’s definitely for 5-6 year olds but not for children much older than that. The story was enjoyable but not one you’d return to, other than to check facts maybe, or as a source of information about renewable energy.

Overall, I’d rate this book as 4/5 - we enjoyed it as a one off, but it is probably aimed at younger children than 7.

Lucy Pretty