October marks Black History Month in the UK. The event was officially recognised by the US government in 1976, and first celebrated in the UK in 1987.

People from African and Caribbean backgrounds have been a fundamental part of British history for centuries. However, campaigners believe their value and contribution to society is often overlooked, ignored or distorted.

Most schools still teach a history curriculum which focuses on traditional events and the achievements of white figures. Black History Month gives everyone the opportunity to share, celebrate and understand the impact of black heritage and culture.

The event is intended to recognise the contribution and achievements of those with African or Caribbean heritage. It's also an opportunity for people to learn more about the effects of racism and how to challenge negative stereotypes.

Here, we mark Black History with a selection of books that explore and celebrate Black history and culture all year round, not just for Black History Month.


You can find many more fiction and non-fiction titles that celebrate diversity in Diverse Voices - 80 Children's Books that Celebrate Difference.

In Key Stage 3 & 4 pupils learn more about Britain’s transatlantic slave trade: its effects and its eventual abolition. Our Schools Portal has a dedicated section on this topic, The Slave Trade.

And Julia Eccleshare, our editor-at-large and expert reviewer, explores the Importance of Diversity in Children's Literature. 

Visit blackhistorymonth.org.uk for more information.

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