Frances Lincoln First Editions is an imprint dedicated to debut picture book talent.  

First Editions is a list with one mission: We connect with aspiring new authors and illustrators to publish and champion their very first stories!

We’re a part of the team at Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, and we believe everyone has a story to tell, whatever your background or expertise.

We publish great picture books that’ll make you laugh, make you think, and might even make you cry (in a good way…) The best part of it all: watching our creators and their stories go on to become best-sellers and award-winners.

Our publisher, Peter Marley, says it best, “On this page you’ll find stories about forgetful penguins, magical libraries, a cat and his friends, plus a princess (and even a little pee!). The thing that ties them all together is they were made by new creators with an amazing idea. And turning these ideas into fantastic stories is what we love to do here at First Editions.”

Your Own First Editions Reading Passport

The First Editions team have a fun new reading challenge for you! You can win prizes!

We’ve made you a Reading Passport (it’s special, just for you). Just print-it, fold-it, and use it as a notebook to write reviews of the books we make. Maybe you’re someone who loves reading, or maybe you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy it quite so much yet?

We would love to know what you think of the books WE make.

I Love Books written and illustrated by Mariajo Ilustrajo is all about a girl who doesn’t like reading until one book changes EVERYTHING! Imagine the injustice of having to read a WHOLE book over the summer holidays! That’s the horror one little girl is faced with in I Love Books, and she’s not happy about it.

A trip to the library does little to quell her disgust at least not at first, but when the right book is put in her hands a world of imagination opens for her and maybe, just maybe, her hatred of books starts to change.

If you'd like to be a picture book illustrator too, Mariajo Ilustrajo wants you to draw, draw, draw A LOT!

The Cat Who Couldn't Be Bothered written and illustrated by Jack Kurland is a gorgeous, funny picture book with an important life message. The cat at the centre of this story can’t be bothered to do anything, anything at all. His cat friends suggest all sorts of activities, from going to a party or exploring, to a trip to Mars and playing the trombone. No matter how exciting or unusual these suggestions, they get the same response every time, ‘I can’t be bothered’. It’s only when one of them asks, ‘What’s up, Greg?’ that things change.

Hear a top tip from Jack Kurland if you'd like to make a picture book of your own!

Have You Seen Mikki Olsen? written and illustrated by Alex Macdonald is a warm-hearted story with a delightfully humorous touch conveyed in the bold and striking illustrations. Everywhere Penguin goes his beautiful pink teddy called Mikki Olsen goes too. They are the best of friends and nothing will keep them apart…Until, one day, Penguin is so tired that he sits down on Mikki Olsen by mistake! And then he can’t find him!

Where can the Teddy be?

Alex Macdonald shares a few simple ideas behind creating a picture book.

The Princess and the Pee written by Effua Gleed and illustrated by Juanita Londoño Gaviria is a wonderfully appealing and compassionate picture book that deals with the problem of bed wetting with a fairytale twist. Set in a refreshingly diverse royal family where no character is a stereotype (we see the king fainting, the queen playing knights and the granny hunting dragons) -  it is beautifully illustrated with vibrant pictures, and warm, reassuring rhymes. 

Effua Gleed encourages young readers to think big and get writing!

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Happy reading! The First Editions team.

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