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The Princess and the Pee

"No quick solutions for a bed wetting princess, but love, reassurance and stories help."

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

March 2024 Debut of the Month

A wonderfully appealing and reassuring debut picturebook that deals with the problem of bed wetting, but is anything but a dull issues book.

Firstly, it is set in a refreshingly diverse royal family where no character is a stereotype : we see the king fainting, the queen playing knights and the granny hunting dragons for example.

Secondly it is beautifully illustrated with vibrant, warm pictures that enhance and extend the text. With clear repetition and enchanting characters, the written words often burst into rhyming lines, that make the story more memorable still.

Finally, what a genius idea to tackle a tough, and sometimes embarrassing, issue for children with a fairytale twist -it really is such a great title!

Most importantly it emphasizes something parents may need to be reminded of, that the stress you put on your child to not wet the bed could be increasing their anxiety and causing the very problem that you want to stop. There are not always quick fixes and every “expert” will have different ideas, although maybe not as bonkers as those lemons or a tickling toilet that the palace staff come up with.

As Granny Grace demonstrates to our little Princess Amma, love and attention may work better than gimmicks, overlaid routines and rewards. Grandma helps her to relax at bedtime by telling stories and saying she is loved no matter what and that a little bit of pee won't come between them. Approaching issues like this with compassion and kindness is always best for the child.

Joy Court

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Reader Reviews

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Lovely book, really good story and illustrations and will definitely make you chuckle.

The Princess and the Pee is such a lovely book, lovely illustrations and nice colours.... Read Full Review

Kyro Revill

I really liked the kind Grandma and how she helped the princess, telling her stories and giving her cuddles. The pictures were really great and colourful too.

I loved this book! I felt sad that the princess was scared but I really liked the kind Grandma and how she helped the princess, telling her stories and giving her cuddles. Some of the ideas to help Amma were really silly and they made me laugh lots. I don't think I'd like to sleep in the bath! The pictures were really great and colourful too.... Read Full Review

Niamh Hand

Happy, colourful and heartwarming story to share, a perfect bedtime read.

I enjoyed reading The Princess and the Pee. It made me feel happy when Grandma made Amma feel happy. She took her worries away. I loved the illustration of Amma’s dreams coming to life, they reminded me of my own dreams. The illustrations are bright and colourful.... Read Full Review