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Darkness Visible Philip Pullman and His Dark Materials

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Thoroughly fascinating exposition of Philip Pullman’s life and work, from a childhood punctuated by impactful travel to the likes of Australia, to anticipating the eagerly awaited, forthcoming The Book of Dust.  The chapters covering Science and Religion, and Philosophy, lay down the intellectual landscape of His Dark Materials with depth and rigor, and there are lighter moments too. One notable nugget is the disclosure that Lyra’s habit of crawling college roofs is based on Pullman’s own Oxford undergraduate antics, though he acknowledges that Lyra’s head for heights is somewhat greater than his own! Combining in-depth analysis with illuminating personal insights, and family photos (the book’s esteemed author is a friend of Pullman’s), this lucidly written treasury does great justice to the expansive majesty of Pullman's work. ~ Joanne Owen


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