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Alone Together

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

A Julia Eccleshare Pick of the Month March 2018

There are many books of opposites, none like this. Opposites – big, small; messy, tidy; loud, quiet – are illustrated via vivid, stylish depictions of animals. A giraffe for example is high – so high there’s simply not room to depict neck or head, while on the opposite page a brightly coloured snake slithers through the grass to illustrate low. Some concepts are startling in their vocabulary – a peacock, tail outspread, is ‘fancy’ while a crow on the facing page is ‘sober’. Each picture tells a story too, the tiger up close licking its lips while three antelope - ‘far’ - tear off into the distance on the opposite page. A book that combines learning and discovery, words and pictures working together perfectly. ~ Andrea Reece

A beautiful wordless book of opposites which will inspire young readers to think and imagine. In stylishly illustrations set onto an empty background a fancy peacock is contrasted with a sober blackbird, a big elephant with a small mouse, a slow tortoise with a fast cheetah and a stripy bee with a spotty ladybird. stimulating to look at and fun to talk about.  ~ Julia Eccleshare

Julia Eccleshare's Picks of the Month for March 2018

The Lotterys Plus One by Emma Donoghue

King Coo by Adam Stower

Splish, Splash, Ducky! by Lucy Cousins

We Are Not Frogs! (Little Gems) by Michael Morpurgo

The Sorry Tale of Fox and Bear by Margrete Lamond

Song of the Dolphin Boy  by Elizabeth Laird

What Do People Do All Day? (50th anniversary edition) by Richard Scarry

Bird House by Libby Walden

Bug Hotel by Libby Walden

Alone Together by Clayton Junior

The Lost Penguin by Claire Freedman


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