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Oscar and the CATastrophe

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

August 2018 Book of the Month | A Julia Eccleshare Pick of the Month August 2018 |  Oscar the talking dog is back for a wittily entertaining third adventure with his friend and owner Sam. Oscar’s problem is the very big white cat who suddenly arrives to live next door; Oscar hates all cats but he hates Carmen especially because she sits in all his favourite places. Sam is more worried that there’s a thief on the loose and his mother’s ring has gone missing. Is there a connection between Oscar and Sam’s worries? And can they help the police solve the mystery? With lots of twists and turns along the way Oscar and Sam play a key role in this fun adventure. - Julia Eccleshare

Julia Eccleshare's Picks of the Month for August 2018

Once Upon A Wild Wood by Chris Riddell

Oscar and the CATastrophe by Sarah Horne

Run Wild by Gill Lewis

Peril in Paris (Taylor & Rose: Secret Agents) by Katherine Woodfine

The Garden of Hope by Isabel Otter

Julia Eccleshare M.B.E

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Sam's Mum's ring has gone missing and Sam is determined to get the ring back before his Mum's birthday but will he? This is a really funny book with a good bit of mystery to solve. I really enjoyed reading it.

Guess what?... Sam has a talking dog called Oscar!! But what happens when Mrs Bentley-Wallop moves in next door with her cat? Mysterious happenings start- Oscar is being framed! It is up to Oscar and Sam to prove them wrong.

Also Sam Mum's ring has gone missing. Sam is determinded to get the ring back before his Mums birthday but will he??

I enjoyed this book. It was funny and exciting to read and I liked reading on to solve the mystery. There are short chapters and quite a lot of pictures through the story. There are two other books in this series which I haven't read but I would like to now.

Lucy Collings

A great book about a talking dog, his owner, some cats, a robbery and a surprise ending to the mystery. Definitely worth a read!

I thought it was a good book because it was about a talking dog, and I like dogs. The dog, Oscar, doesn't like cats and his new next-door neighbour loves cats and has lots of them. In the story, there is a robbery in town and at one point it looks like Oscar might be guilty! This is a mystery book with a surprise ending.

Sam Briggs

A hilarious book with lots of scope for voices when you read aloud. My 5-year-old laughed a lot.

Edith really enjoyed this fun book. We read a chapter every night while we were on holiday. Mrs Bentley Wallop was our favourite character and we had lots of fun doing impressions of her. We hadn’t read the other two Oscar books but this wasn’t a problem. The storyline was great and very funny. We both loved the relationship between Sam and Oscar… I even found Edith talking to our dog Alfie the other day!

Ella Andrews