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Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Planet

"Empowering and entertaining compendium of women who made a difference to the planet"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

February 2020 Book of the Month

Nothing is higher profile or more topical currently than concern for the planet, making this subject an excellent choice for the next topic to get the highly successful Kate Pankhurst treatment. Continuing her quest to pay tribute to the often-overlooked female pioneers in any field of human endeavour with her mission to provide accessible and engaging non- fiction, Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Planet does all that and more. Once again, I was struck by the fascinating and diverse choices of the featured women and girls. Some are relatively well-known: such as Anita Roddick who founded the Body Shop and Jane Goodall and her pioneering research and protection work with chimpanzees. But I had never heard of Edith Farkas who discovered the ozone hole in the Antarctic or Mária Telkes and her pioneering work on solar power.  Even more inspiring is the evidence that everyone, however humble, can make a difference. Such as Isatou Geesay in the Gambia and her fight against plastic pollution or the Chipko movement in India, village women literally hugging trees to prevent the deforestation of their land and the floods and landslides which would follow. Each double-page spread has accessible paragraphs of text and lively cartoon illustrations and speech bubbles to tell the story concisely and clearly. This visual style is very engaging to young readers and has great shelf appeal. A useful glossary of terms and a page of inspiring calls to action complete the book. Another triumph of information presentation. Highly recommended.

Joy Court

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Strong female role models from diverse backgrounds making real impacts on our world. A timely collection for youngsters growing up in the climate emergency; providing inspiration for transforming worries into positive action for the planet.

A delightful book for middle years, highlighting women from around the globe who have worked to save the planet. With a double-page colourful spread for each woman. The text is broken up into small chunks which are incorporated into the illustrations in interesting ways making it very accessible. I liked the mix of women chosen, some of whom were unfamiliar to me, and also the call to action on the last page.

Ms Chadwick

This book inspired me to do my best for the world and help look after it. I also enjoyed reading about the things other women have done to help the world. I would recommend this book to anyone who needs some inspiration.

I enjoyed reading this book because it talked about all the great things that women can do for the world, it really inspired me to use science and help to look after the world around me. I liked hearing about the things I could also do like using sustainable things in my everyday life.

Evie Aconley

This is an absolutely wonderful book which every reader will hugely enjoy. It’s packed with amazing graphics and information about inspirational trailblazing women who contributed so much to save our planet.

I absolutely loved reading about these incredible women from all over the world who contributed so much to environmental protection. I had not heard of all of them but it was really interesting reading about their amazing work, many of whom were pioneers in their day. They all achieved so much in widely diverse areas but the one thing they all had in common was their desire to make our planet a better place and to make a difference. This is a book which has so much meaning for our time. It provides a timely reminder of the importance of action, standing up for what is right and how much one person can achieve. The imagery and colours used throughout are outstanding and make an already exceptional book extra special.

Ella O’Gorman