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Meet HammerHead & Captain StinkyPants

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Meet Hammerhead and Captain Stinkypants is a brightly illustrated picture book. About two boys (and their dad) who are whisked off one morning while they were still in their pyjamas to superhero training. The grumpy warlock behind the curtain was a bit Wizard of Oz, and the name mix-ups were amusing. Although you would have thought that Strada would be able to hear the warlock’s bellowing, as it is described as “the loudest and most frightening voice you’ve ever heard”. The inclusion of the riddles is a nice idea, and you can try work out with younger readers what the next challenges are going to be, and how to solve it. The hammer that returns to the owner may also sound a bit familiar to readers, although a superhero with smelly underwear is definitely new and could get a few giggles. The underlying message at the end about bullies is a nice touch and though the adventure is completed the book sets up for a series nicely. I think that this book is best suited to younger readers, reading with parents as there is potentially a bit too much text for independent reading. But the comic-style illustrations and speech bubbles allow the child to join in.

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