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The Sapphire Crystal is an exciting adventure that takes Melina and her friend Lisa into a parallel fantasy world. They seem to have discovered special powers that they must use to help save their own world. We follow them as they try to overcome the evil forces that surround them. The story is full of twist and turns and makes for a terrific read for young adults and would make a good film! Thoroughly enjoyable. Maureen Gourlay, A LoveReading4Kids Ambassador View Full Review
The Rainbow Blots are a delightful little family; each member is a colour of the rainbow with his/her own distinctive personality. Mummy Blot encourages them to have fun and they each do so by immersing themselves into activities linked with their specific colour. They have another little trick that they are able to perform as they can change themselves into a colour related object. Written in a rhyming format, this charming little book is illustrated in bright and bold colours which would appeal to young children. I like the fact that each colour character is unique and Indigo baby ... View Full Review
I wanted to read this novel as even as a grown up I like reading a variety of reading genres including junior and young adult fiction. And what an experience meeting Bucky and the hierarchy of felines turned out to be. A thrilling escapade through physical & far away places combined with touches of fantasy and science fiction. An exhilarating read for confident readers of any age including adults! The author has a vivid and descriptive writing style with which this novel grows and grows holding the readers attention all the way. I found it very well written with creatively-worded ... View Full Review
Hop the Kangaroo dog, daughter of the Roo family, finds it hard to learn to hop but bravely enters a race to Squish Mountain, hopping past many of her animal friends en route. Although she does not win, she is delighted with her achievement and discovers that it is the taking part, and not the winning that is important. I loved this book! It is one of the best children's books I have reviewed for ages. The art work is superb as its colourful illustrations convey the expressions of the characters and the ambiance of each scene so delightfully. The ... View Full Review
Absolutely loved this! I couldn’t put it down and actually lost sleep reading it.  It is written so well and descriptively that you actually feel as if you are on the ship with Bart and his friends Jonah and Sebastian. There are parts which are particularly gruesome and there are also parts which describe how black people were treated back in the 1700’s, which is hard to read, but I feel it needs to be written about and discussed, not just omitted because it’s uncomfortable.  The story moves at a fast pace and ... View Full Review
This sweet, from-the-heart picture book pamphlet is a moving homage to a lady called Diane, the beloved grandmother of its young illustrator, Elsie. Elsie was only five when her Nanny passed away. Having been very close, the loss was deeply felt. Nanny was “someone who painted your life yellow and asked for nothing in return.” She was “a love beam sent directly from the sun,”, “a very special lady, whose kindness changed the world”. As a result, when it was time for her to leave, “the world seemed slightly more dreary, a little ... View Full Review
What a wonderful story! Robin finds solace in the tale of a cat called Red. We follow Red through his adventures to find a home, and what scary adventures they are. It is beautifully written and with perfect drawings and sketches. Well recommended - a joy to read. Maureen Gourlay, A LoveReading4Kids Ambassador View Full Review
Maya enjoys going to the beach and is especially fond of swimming with her friend Finn, the parrot fish. Thanks to her magical webbed feet, she is able to rescue three of her marine friends who have become unwell through environmental issues. Turtle has ingested plastic bags, the water has become too hot for Coral and Dolphin has become trapped in a fishing net. This delightful little picture book is part of a series that the author Lucy Munday is creating in order to highlight the effects of environmental damage to our planet. Illustrated attractively in bold and bright colours, ... View Full Review
Absolutely beautiful! First of all, the illustrations are superb. They are bright, colourful and draw the eye wonderfully. They help to tell the story well and I adored them. The animals all came to life through the vibrancy and lines of the illustrations. Now to the story. I read this book with three hats on. First, my mum hat, second my primary school teacher hat and finally my bibliophile hat. This book ticked every single box. It was written well, using simple enough but engaging language. It made you want to turn the page to see what was going to ... View Full Review
The Little Red Kite is not only a beautiful little story but one so wonderfully illustrated. With a simple premise at its centre, the heart of this book is immense. A basic premise, the tone is happy and the rhyming flows off the tongue and so naturally throughout. This is a joy to read out loud but is also manageable enough for emerging readers to grasp and read alone. A tale of friendship and the mere pleasure of just being happy with life, I had initially felt a little apprehensive about reading about a kite as the main character! I ... View Full Review
With its soft, atmospheric illustrations of the countryside and comforting messages around finding confidence and overcoming fears, this sweet picture book is accompanied by a very special extra - a real piece of tartan kilt is tucked into a page near the end, a soft fragment of fabric that will “make the scare go away”. So, what of the story? Scotch is a “sad and lonely scarecrow” who wears a tartan kilt in place of trousers, on account of him having no legs. Scotch’s life takes a brighter turn when a messenger rabbit brings ... View Full Review
June Wilson has created a wondrous mythological world in Middengard and her 'Middengard Sagas', five books aimed at readers aged 11+, are peopled with Norse deities, demons, fairies and beings with superhuman powers. 'Gloriana' is the first book in her new series, 'The Chronicles of Albion', aimed at older readers, which continues the story of some of those characters, though the author assures us that it isn't necessary to be familiar with her earlier work to appreciate this new tale, a historical fantasy, set very realistically and atmospherically in Elizabethan London. An unlikely and fragile alliance between Mae, Queen of the ... View Full Review