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Latest Reviews By LoveReading4Kids Ambassador

This was an interesting book which reminded me a bit of the Harry Potter series. The storyline is very original, although I did find it rather lengthy and a bit complex at times: it might be difficult for some children to keep up with all the characters and the action. However, despite its complexity, it is very well-written. I like that the main character, Cricket, is different, and that her difference helps her in her quest. I think children will relate to the friendship between Cricket and her friend Penny who are likeable characters. Penny understands that Cricket is different ... View Full Review
Inspired by 'The Prince and the Pauper', this tale relocates from Mark Twain’s Tudor setting to an imaginary Royal Family in present-day Paris where Princess Isabella is about to come-of-age at a grand party for her 18th birthday. However, all that glitters is certainly not gold for the privileged heir to the throne. In Isabella’s words, “I can’t ignore the restless notion that’s plagued me for years: that there’s so much more to life than just being a bird imprisoned in this gilded cage.” Meanwhile, across the city, ... View Full Review
Orrcry is a wonderful story where we follow Amaroo on a journey to find his mother who left him with a Scottish cat called Tappy to look after because she feared it was too dangerous for him to stay with her. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this book at the start but I really got into the story and didn’t want it to end. Orrcry turned out to be very interesting and entertaining. There were some funny descriptions which will definitely keep the younger readers giggling. Although this book has an entertaining value ... View Full Review
  I think that this is a great inspirational story for kids. Verti-Goat has lots of messages about bullying fears and overcoming those hurdles. This little goat refuses to be just "ordinary". There are wonderful characters in this story and it is well written. I liked that there were lots of messages to provide inspiration for kids. Recommended and make sure this is in your child Christmas stocking this year.   Jane Brown, A LoveReading4Kids Ambassador View Full Review
The colourful illustrations are so vibrant. It helps bring the characters to life for little children. They will see the funny side of the Imps. This book helps children to learn to be polite and have manners all the time, even when being tempted by outsiders who are just plain rude, like the Imps. But Granny had her magic wand to help get the Imps outside where they belong. It is a wonderful story for young ones and the colourful characters make it believable for them. Diana Mason, A LoveReading4Kids Ambassador View Full Review
This is an absolutely visually beautiful book. It teaches, in short verses, about the wonders that we can find when we go exploring outdoors. One main theme is the respect that we should have for all living things and their environment. The illustrations are in gorgeous watercolour, what a talented artist! There is so much to look at and discuss and easily relates to the child's experiences when out and about. Fun verses encourage the reader to match the rhymes. A superb follow up to the previous book 'What Wonders Do you see when you Dream?' Chris Woolfenden, A ... View Full Review
'The Adventures of Tempus and Fugit' by Tom McCulloch is a fun and informative story in pictures, telling us about two young boys, Tempus and Fugit, (who look and act older than their stated ages) who live in an unspecified time in the future with their personal robot, Digi Dog. In this short adventure, Digi Dog builds the boys a time-travelling air balloon and they all set off first for Ancient Egypt then Ancient Rome. Their aim is to find out more about how time was measured in those far off times. In Egypt, they are introduced to the sundial ... View Full Review
This is a superb little book for children telling them all about the planetary system. It is written at a great level for kids and it brilliantly illustrated in a manner that keeps their attention. The author writes in such a way that draws the kids into the book and involves them while teaching them a little science which hopefully will be the building blocks of an interest in science. The book itself is easy to read along with kids and brings the moons to life which is most enjoyable. As an adult, I learned quite a bit about the ... View Full Review
Heidi and her friend, Adele go on a short trip to Seville and take their cat Vince with them. We are taken around the city and shown the usual tourist sites and do the usual tourist activities. It's a sort of youngsters travel book. Quite a bit of Spanish is spoken when in conversation with the locals, and I was pleased and relieved to see, at the back of the book, a translation of all the phrases. This is a great book for children learning Spanish at primary or early secondary school level. It's well set out in a situation ... View Full Review
Episode by Tracey Morait is a fanciful re-imagining of the story of Helen of Troy. It is also an attempt to show just what it's like to experience an 'episode', that is an epileptic seizure. The story brings together some well-known characters from the world of Ancient Greece - Helen, Menelaus, Paris, Hector and, of course, the 'meddlesome' gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus - with Alisha, a 13-year-old from the present day and Travis from a terrifying England at the end of the 21st century. The action switches between these three time zones, which Ali and Travis are able ... View Full Review
Written for children but will appeal to young adults and adult readers also. The author tells the story of two differing boys and what brings them together, they both have an interest in habitats and badgers living in a wood near to where they live. It shows how friendship is important regardless of status or where they have come from. I found myself in the treehouse whilst the boys looked into the badgers and the beautifully drawn illustrations added to this. The author writes well and has a great understanding of nature and the natural world, and I literally could ... View Full Review
 This is a superb well written in simple language for young children and superbly illustrated with a lovely drawing that will appeal to youngsters. This is a small book covering a large range of everyday topics that are currently occurring every day. The author has written about dealing with death, deforestation, extinction of animals and other similar topics in a first-class way that can allow grown-up to approach the subjects with a child with a positive perspective instead of the difficulty of explaining the sad things in life that some grown-ups may feel difficult to approach. A great book ... View Full Review