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Out of Time
Out of Time is about a curious twelve-year-old boy called Joe, who loves adventure. Joe lives in a sleepy town in England where not much happens. Lucky for Joe he ends up on the biggest adventure when he stumbles on an unexploded World War II bomb in a cave. Joe bumps into another boy called Max who is from another planet Proxima Centauri b. Max is in need of Joe's help in order to restore world peace and to save earth from the evil Dardian. Joe embarks on an exciting adventure with Max traveling through time as well as space; ... View Full Review
A freak weather event sees seven teenagers trapped inside Blackpool tower. Mourning the loss of her mum, 17 year-old Bo has dropped out of school and is working on the social media of a competitive scientific show called Ecopreneurs. The filming of the semi-final rapidly descends into chaos as a freak magnetic pulse leaves the teens trapped in the buildings trying to piece together what is happening. Secrets are revealed and characters clash as Bo wryly recounts the events. Structured almost like a script, with directions and camera shots setting the scenes, ‘blackloop’ highlights Bo’s interest in ... View Full Review
Poppy The Pea Oh, what a great way to be
Available from Audible. Available on Kindle. Dedicated “to every sweet pea longing to be free”, Poppy the Pea is super-sweet inside and out. Presented in a cute small hardback format that’s perfect for little hands, it’s an irresistible package of charming illustrations and poetry. The lively rhyming story is a joy to read aloud, and infused with a quirky sense of fun as we meet Poppy, “a pea amongst peas”. Though she and her “many mates that were peas” live in “dark and freezy degrees”, Poppy longs for ... View Full Review
Let There Be Light - A Diwali Story
Available on Amazon. This is a delightful, imaginative children’s story about several friends preparing for Diwali. In a distant solar system, on a planet similar to Earth, live Pasumans. They are animal-like, but have human characteristics and qualities too. There are 5 main characters in this story. The Pulis (Adhvika and Aadi: tiger pasumans), the Gajas (Sumati and Subbu: elephant pasumans) and Jambu Ballu (the bear pasuman). Preparations are not yet completed and there is still so much to finalize before the celebrations. It is already the day of Diwali! The main characters learn lessons such as working together ... View Full Review
On The Beach: The Winter Visitor
Available from Amazon. This is a heart-warming children's story with charming illustrations. It has an important message on how we can each do our bit to halt climate change. Kit and Seal go to the beach on a cold, gloomy day to build sand sculptures. Kit spots a polar bear on a slab of ice that is floating towards the beach. They give him something to eat and decide to take him home for the night. They manage to sneak him into their house. A policeman comes knocking on the door the next day asking about the polar bear. By ... View Full Review
Madison's Peculiar Adventure
This is a very intriguing story. Young, orphaned Madison lives with her grandfather. When he passes away, she goes to live in an orphanage run by a strange woman called Madame Eve. One day, she and another girl, Wendy, catch a glimpse of a little hobgoblin. They try to tell Madame Eve, but she doesn’t believe them. Soon after that, Wendy disappears. Madison looks for her and becomes convinced Madam Ever has something to do with her disappearance. One night Madison and her friends see the hobgoblin again and follow him to Madame Eve’s room. Madam ... View Full Review
Monkey-House Mouse and the Storytime Zoo
This is a delightful rhyming children’s story. Little Brown Mouse lives at the Zoo and entertains the zoo animals with stories about the time she spent outside the zoo. The zoo animals love to hear her entertaining tales about life beyond the zoo. One day, poor Mouse gets sick and loses her voice! She can’t tell her stories for a whole week, and the animals miss their entertainment. They try to take her place and tell stories themselves, but they aren’t as good as Mouse at story-telling and drawing pictures. Meanwhile, Mouse reads books ... View Full Review
Available from Amazon Amelia Burnett is 12 years old and loves collecting cheap things. Her latest acquisition is a chemistry set with an eye-catching claim on the box, “Take Care! This Set Contains Real Chemicals That WILL Change Your Life!”. Following the instructions and putting the kit to use to hopefully become more brilliant the results are not quite as expected and working out the boundaries of the experiment leads to some unforeseen circumstances.  This is an inventive story about friendship, fitting in and ultimately self-acceptance that I think would be great for readers aged 11+ to read. At ... View Full Review
Mother To Elephants: The Story of Daphne Sheldrick
Available from Amazon. A gentle and beautiful story celebrating the life and work of The Elephant Mother. ‘Mother To Elephants: The Story of Daphne Sheldrick’ by R.G. de Rouen is a nonfiction picture book that highlights and celebrates the life and work of Daphne Sheldrick. Raised with her parents in Kenya, Daphne always loved animals and would care for them when injured or sick. As she grew up this didn’t change and the book tells us she worked in tandem with her husband’s anti-poaching efforts to help animals that were sick and orphaned. ... View Full Review
The Tale Of The Animals' Christmas In Crouch End
Available from Amazon. Available from Waterstones The wildlife of Crouch End in North London have their own busy lives. When heavy rain one winter leads Marvin Mole and his family to dig new accommodation next door to Rufus the dapper, waistcoat wearing Fox, they strike up an unlikely alliance as Marvin Mole & Sons helps Rufus to fix his waterlogged home. While the building work is underway Rufus shares his fascination with the human’s Christmas celebrations and the local animals all call a truce so that they can come together and experience the holiday for themselves. With teamwork ... View Full Review
Fotinoula and the Christmas Goblin
Available from Amazon. Available from Waterstones. It’s a snowy Christmas in Athens when Fotinoula’s Grandfather tells her about the strange sinister creatures causing havoc and on the hunt for children born during the twelve days of Christmas, like her younger sister Mirtoula. With her father away at sea for the first time over the festive period, it’ll be down to Fotinoula to keep her little sister safe with only an old book to guide her. With the grown ups either away or not believing in the Kallikantzaroi, Fotinoula must be resourceful to try to ... View Full Review
Detective Buster Cuffs: Catching the Treat Snatcher
Available from The Great British Bookshop This is a wonderful children’s story with characters with delightful names. A hard-working dog detective called Detective Buster Cuffs lives in Pawchester and is dedicated to solving crimes. One day as he is walking through the park,  he meets the local puppies who are searching in the bushes because they can’t find their treats. They ask him to help them. Buster sets about trying to solve this baffling mystery. He searches for paw prints and clues. He has 2 suspects in mind, Trouble Whisker the cat and Nutty Rascal the ... View Full Review