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Love Frankie

"First love, beautifully observed"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

December 2020 Book of the Month

Jacqueline Wilson writes about young teenage girls with real understanding, sensitivity and affection, and she’s at her best in the story of Frankie, who finds herself head over heels in love with, of all people, the girl she thought was her worst enemy. As with most thirteen-going-on-fourteen year olds, Frankie is a mess of emotions, resenting her dad for leaving her mum, but needing him too; happy with her childhood friend Sam, but alarmed when he seems to want to change their relationship into something else; and above all confused by her new feelings for Sally. Sally is even more mixed up and her desperate need for love and attention puts Frankie at risk of real hurt. Wilson creates a loving family the support her heroine though and, like so many of her characters, Frankie develops the strength to be honest about who she is and therefore emerges unscathed. Her story is everything you expect from this writer – real, moving and enormously satisfying. 

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Andrea Reece

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Love Frankie is a very special book, and it has especially taught me a lot, and I know it will teach a lot of future readers too. It shows how much anxiety can build up having a mother with a serious illness, and how hard it can be having a dad dating another woman. But, most of all, It shows how confusing and difficult it is to fall in love for the first time, especially when It's a crush not everybody will accept.

In 2020, award-winning dame Jacqueline Wilson's book 'Love Frankie' was published and released, and many readers fell in love with it. I am one of those readers, and hopefully, I can pass that love on to you.

Frankie's life is not easy; it never had been. I mean, after all, having a mother with a serious physical illness and a dad who is dating another woman isn't exactly a piece of cake, and her sisters are going through the same thing. But at least she has her best friend. Frankie and Sam are best friends; they have been since they were four years old. And to this day, their friendship remains. But when they visit a mall to buy Christmas presents and run into the supposed 'school bully', Sally, things start getting more and more overwhelming, even without the stress at home.

Yumi Horton