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When We Got Lost in Dreamland

"Another mind-expanding, unputdownable page-turner from a top-class author"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

February 2021 Book of the Month

Kids are always being told that if they ‘dream their dreams’ one day those dreams will come true. ‘Living the dream’ is a very different experience for 11-going-on-12-year-old Malky in Ross Welford’s absorbing, vastly entertaining novel. Blackmailed into a bungled burglary, Malky becomes owner of a set of Dreaminators, mysterious machines that make dream worlds real and give the dreamer powers to control them. At first, Malky and his co-dreamer, little brother Seb, enjoy their night-time adventures, especially those in a Stone Age world closely based on Seb’s favourite storybook where they make friends, go hunting, and Seb has high hopes of riding a mammoth. If it seems too good to be true, of course it is, and as Malky’s ability to control what’s happening in his dreams weakens, everything – awake or asleep – starts to go wrong. When Seb is taken prisoner in a dream and falls into a life-threatening coma in real life, Malky has to face up to his responsibilities, not to mention the fears and anger his dreams have disguised, in one last terrifying dream. At least he has new friends there to help. The story is cleverly told and plotted, moving back and forward in time, from dream to reality, with Doctor Who ease. It’s full of humour too, e.g. a wonderful scene in the school canteen in which Malky does all the things he’s always dreamed of doing, not realising he’s actually awake.  Core too are the really big things in life – friendship, love, family, learning about yourself and understanding others. It’s a book that delights in the fact that the inside of our head is bigger far than the outside. 


Readers who enjoy Welford’s excellent books will also race through Christopher Edge’s out-of-this world adventures.

Andrea Reece

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I think this book is perfect for those people who love to look beneath the modern world we live in, for the deep magic hidden inside. Welford keeps pulling you back into his world of the impossible, Dreamland.

This book was just as imaginative, crazy and impossible as a dream itself! Welford uses interesting dialogue from fun, expressive characters that make it flow as if you were watching a film. Main characters, Malky and Seb are brought together through a mysterious contraption, the Dreaminator. Set in the modern day, and nicely written to fit the main character’s voice. I think this book is perfect for those people who love to look beneath the modern world we live in, for the deep magic hidden inside. Welford keeps pulling you back into his world of the impossible, Dreamland.... Read Full Review


I liked this book because its got funny bits in it and its a bit different because two of the characters are Tibetan. I would recommend this book to eight year olds and for people who like adventures.

When I first received When We Got Lost in Dreamland I thought that the cover was pretty because of the beautiful orangey-yellow sunset. I also like the undercover because of the gold illustrations. I like the title because I like fantasy books with interesting endings.

The blurb was intriguing because it tells you about a Dreaminater. The first page of the book introduces Seb, Mam, Dad, Malcom and Cuthbert. I found out that Cuthbert is a baddy and Seb, Mam, Dad and Malcom are the goodies.

The story is set in Tynemouth which is a real place. But not all of the story is set in Tynemouth some of it is set in Dreamland in Malcom's head.

I cared about what happened to the characters because I liked them.... Read Full Review

mabel daniels