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YOU CAN get active

"A fun activity book that will inspire everyone to get moving"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

May 2021 Book of the Month

With 50 different activities to try out in this book, there’s really no excuse for not getting active. Its message is that wherever you are, you can get moving, and it makes it sound really tempting. After explaining why it’s important to get active, it lists things to do and how to do them, whether that’s trying the long jump to building an indoor obstacle course. The instructions are clear and fun, with charts and photos to make it even more appealing and easy to follow, and you can record your activities as you go on write-in charts. Little ‘Did you know?’ boxes pass on fascinating facts and there extra tips scattered throughout too. Bright, colourful, lots of fun, this is certain to get everyone on their feet. 

Andrea Reece

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I am 100% sure that you will love this book.

I loved the book YOU CAN Get Active because the book showed many activities and it even shows you how to do them. The book is great to read when you are bored because it is full of so many activities that you can do indoors or outdoors. All of the activities are much better than watching TV all day because it is better for your mental health, way better. You could be playing all day because all the activities are so much fun.

In the book it even says who holds the world record for doing the longest long jump, the man's name is Mike Powell who jumped 8.95m.

Emma Iijima

A great book to help Key Stage Two children find different activities when they are bored, instead of playing video games! We loved doing it together!

YOU CAN get Active is a book full of 50 different activities to help children find other ways to entertain themselves, rather than being stuck on video games. When we did some of the activities, we found them fun but tiring, meaning we had a good night's sleep. We particularly enjoyed running because it meant we could get rid of our excess energy. Some children may also like skipping, gymnastics, or karate as well as some of the other activities included. Some of the activities do not need lots of resources which means children can do them without pestering their parents for money for things they need. However, there are quite a few that we were unable to do, such as rowing and paddle boarding. The activities were clear to follow and the book was easy to read.

Owen and Taylor Davis

I enjoyed this book because it gave me lots of cool ideas on how to get active and it showed pictures and simple ideas for beginners.

This book is all about the importance of physical exercise and how to make it fun whilst doing so. There are places to record what you have done and also to design routes for walking or running. I enjoyed this book because it gave me lots of cool ideas on how to get active and it showed pictures and simple ideas for beginners. I love this book so much that I would like to actually buy the book for myself. If you like doing exercise but find it a bit boring sometimes then this is the book for you. I had never read any books by this author but once I had read the first page of the book I thought immediately that it was excellently written.

Martha Hibberd