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Outside Chance

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Outside Chance Synopsis

The second book in the Don’t Doubt the Rainbow series, Outside Chance is a fast-paced YA thriller in which teen detective Edie Marble is tasked with solving four very different but equally puzzling mysteries.


It’s been three months since 13-year-old Edie solved the case of her mother’s death and became a supersleuth. Now, her reputation is spreading far and wide –?everyone wants her help to solve mysteries …


Why does Edie’s neighbour’s long-lost friend suddenly keep turning up wherever she goes? How can students fail an exam when they know their answers were correct? What led to the vicious attack on an elderly woman on Hampstead Heath? And – most alarming of all – should Edie’s schoolfriend be worried about his stepfather’s new activist friends? 


To solve each mystery, Edie must harness the Three Principles, a new approach to understanding how the mind works that is currently proving invaluable in improving mental health and well-being in children internationally.


As tensions across the city reach fever pitch, can Edie follow the clues and coach her own mind to avert a potential catastrophe?

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781785835889
Publication date: 19th August 2022
Author: Anthony Kessel
Publisher: Crown House Publishing
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 336 pages
Series: Don't Doubt the Rainbow
Suitable For:
Other Genres:


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Reader Reviews

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A brilliant second part to Edies adventures. I think I got more wrapped up in this one than the first.

It’s great to be back with Edie and her family.
She’s grown up a bit and now has a little babysitting job as well as her detective agency work. She seems to be have quite a few cases on the go, some more serious than others.
I do like the Green message in this book, I love the sound of her friends house and all the things his dad has done to make it as green as possible and it’s made me want to do more than I already do.
This story has more of Edie's friends in it and she recruits them to help her solve one of her cases - missing dogs.... Read Full Review

Lily O’Dwyer

A brilliant book! I loved Edie and the adventures she gets into - fantastically described by Antony Kessel. Overall, a whirlwind of mystery, excitement and suspense

This was an amazing book that I loved! Even though I hadn't read the first one (I definitely will after reading this one) from the very start I was hooked and needed to read on. The characters, plot and style of writing were brilliant. Our main character Edie finds herself in a sudden tangle of mystery and chaos! The plot is really engaging and exciting with lots of twists and turns as well as being understandable!... Read Full Review


I loved this book, it was the perfect sequel to book one, Anthony Kessel has got Edie's next adventure spot on! It did not disappoint!

I loved this book, it was the perfect sequel to book one, Anthony Kessel has got Edie's next adventure spot on! It did not disappoint!
It was great to revisit Edie and her family and after only a few pages of reading I was totally hooked back in and in tune with all of the characters. This book entwined many different mysteries which kept me engaged and wanting to read on, I wanted to help Edie every step of the way. The mysteries were never too easy to solve which meant that the story just kept pulling me in to find the answers in each chapter. I love Edie's character, she is head strong and determined and she deals with intense situations so calmly, she never gives up, her mum would be so proud of her.... Read Full Review

Delilah Curtis