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Spacekid iLK: Stranded!

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Spacekid iLK : Stranded is a humorous, entertaining 267-page comic-book-style story. This is book 2 of the series, but the author begins with a 3-page synopsis of the first book. I liked the appealing illustrations. In book 1, the main character, a young alien called Spacekid iLK, saved the earth from destruction. He delegated the responsibility of running Earth to a human, Emilio. Emilio is an inventor of machines that often don’t work. Spacekid iLk is sent to school. He would rather be searching for the Beedaletha plant, which will demonstrate that the earth is a healthy and productive planet, thereby saving it from future invasion/destruction attempts from outer space. His little group of friends includes Roshina(Mushroom/Shroom), Zac , Marina ,Y-bot and TalC. Earth is suddenly invaded by seemingly friendly bubbles. iLK begins to get suspicious of Emilio and his inventions. Meanwhile, iLK’s father and mother are in their spaceship, tasked with investigating a planet that has mysteriously disappeared. The team discovers some strange deep craters on the earth’s surface. They find that the earth‘s mantle is filled with bubbles! They realize that the bubbles are manipulating people in a sinister manner. Somehow the bubbles have captured the life force of the earth and every time someone pops a bubble, a part of the earth disappears. Can the friends come up with a plan to save the earth again and will Emilio have any part to play in the mission? I liked the book ending on a cliffhanger. A mysterious spaceship is approaching Earth again. Will there be another invasion? We will have to read the next book to find out. The themes of teamwork and encouraging one’s friends come through in this likeable story. Children from the age of 6 or 7 upwards will enjoy this suspenseful story!

Susan Gibbs, A LoveReading4Kids Ambassador


LoveReading4Kids Ambassador

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