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Outside In Nature Poems

"A book of poems to bring the outside in"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

This varied, brightly illustrated collection brings together 50 poems all inspired by the natural world. Topics and themes range from trees and plants to weather, the wildlife on our doorsteps and animals we only see on TV. Readers are encouraged to enjoy the delights of splashing in mud – very topical for the current UK Spring - while another poem is a gentle depiction of a garden full of snow.

Thompson uses different poetic devices playfully and effectively, A World Without B(ee)s for example is cleverly and bee-utifully built upon alliteration, while My Neighbour, The Thunderstorm, personifies stormy weather as a girl who lives upstairs. Some poems use the natural world to inspire readers with a sense of calm or encourage them to find sources of hope in nature, but those I particularly like are the ones that simply ask readers to look and listen to the world around us. This is a book to bring the outside in, and with their rhymes and metres, the poems should lodge in readers’ hearts so that they’ve always got the outdoors close by.

Andrea Reece

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