Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark - Book & CD

Written by Jill Tomlinson

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Plop is a baby owl. Perfect in every way - except for one. He's afraid of the dark! But he soon discovers, through a variety of new friends, that dark can be fun and exciting and magical! This is a story for very young readers.


The Lovereading Comment:

This is one of the all time classics of 20th Century children’s fiction, which has now been beautifully brought together into a picture book for the nursery complete with the story, games and songs on CD by the wonderful Bill Oddie. If your child is at all fearful of something, then this is the perfect book to allay those fears for The owl who was afraid of the dark has a wonderful uplifting finish.

Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark - Book & CD Synopsis

Plop is a baby owl who is afraid of the dark and his parents are desperate to make him accept his position in life as an owl and fly at night. He is sent out to meet a variety of characters: a boy scout, a little girl and an old lady among others, all of who provide a different view on the darkness. Nevertheless, it is only when Plop meets a night-prowling cat that he truly comes to understand his destiny.

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ISBN: 9781405240758
Publication date: 07/07/2008
Publisher: Egmont Childrens Books
Format: Mixed Media Product

Book Information

ISBN: 9781405240758
Publication date: 7th July 2008
Author: Jill Tomlinson
Publisher: Egmont Childrens Books
Format: Mixed Media Product
Suitable for: 3+ readers, 5+ readers

About Jill Tomlinson

Jill Tomlinson never intended to be a writer.  She trained as an opera singer, and then decided to have a family whilst her voice matured.  But illness intervened, and she had to find another outlet for her energies.  She started on a journalism course, and by the third lesson decided she wanted to write for children.  So she did! It did not come easily.  Her first story, The Bus who went to Church, was rejected by sixteen publishers before it was accepted for a picture book.  Several other picture books followed until she felt ...

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