Nature Mage

Written by Duncan Pile

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LoveReading View on Nature Mage

February 2012 Debut of the Month.

This is an exciting new fantasy series that fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Septimus Heap will absolutely love to read.

Excitingly for Lovereading4kids, we were approached by the author in early 2011 who showed us the first three chapters of Nature Mage and even though we aren't a publisher we could see the potential so have been encouraging and advising him on his publishing journey. When Duncan won a publishing deal in a competition he was able to turn his manuscript into a book and now it's here for your 11+ readers to enjoy.

Duncan says of his book 'I wrote my book out of pure passion. I simply started it one day on instinct and have never looked back. I feel people should read Nature Mage because every single person who has read it and spoken/written to me of it so far has said the same thing: It is a page turner, they love my characters, and can't put it down.' Read an extract today.

Click here to read an interview with author Duncan Pile in Leftlion magazine about how he came to write Nature Mage.

Click here to read about Duncan Pile's publishing journey - great for any newbie authors.

Nature Mage Synopsis

Gaspi is an ordinary boy, living in the mountain village of Aemon's Reach, but life, for Gaspi, is forever changed the day magic erupts in him. He discovers he has a powerful gift - he is a Nature Mage, able to control natural forces and creatures and bend them to his will. It is a rare gift, and no-one has been born with it in centuries, but Gaspi's powers also have a dark side, and without training they will kill him. He is forced to leave his home and travel to the distant city of Helioport, where the Archmages of the College of Collective Magicks will teach him how to use his powers. Accompanied by his guardian and his best friends, Gaspi sets off on the long journey to Helioport. The journey is fraught with danger, and Gaspi and his friends discover that there are demonic creatures abroad, intent on finding and killing anyone with magical ability. As Gaspi begins his magical studies, a shadow hangs over him and over the city of magicians. Gaspi's story of a demonic attack is not an isolated incident. As these stories increase, Hephistole, the Chancellor of the college, is growing increasingly certain that someone or something is directing the demonic forces, but who, and to what end? As things unfold, Gaspi finds himself in the middle of dark and terrible times, and can only hope that his powerful gift will develop in time to make a difference when the time comes.

Nature Mage Press Reviews

Terry Rountree: I very much enjoyed this book. The world created by the author really comes to life through the characters and the language. I genuinely found myself at times unable to put the book down and willing the characters on with genuine care and concern. There are echoes of classic fantasy fiction throughout with such grand themes of good vs evil, friendship, love and rivalry. I'd certainly recommend this to anyone looking for strong and credible ready made replacement for a certain popular wizarding hero.

David Kretzschmar: A thrillingly good read, full of intrigue, magic, battles, plot-twists, and good character development. For anyone who enjoyed Harry Potter and is looking for another good series on magic. The author delves deep in explaining how the magic is created, offering interesting ideas and a more thorough portrait of a magician's mind.

Sophie Duffy: Nature Mage is extremely well-written and exciting to read – a page-turner that would appeal to young teenagers, but also to their parents, and potentially to fans of fantasy fiction…The world that the novel is set in is detailed and captivating, and we are thrown into it from the beginning…The author has succeeded in conjuring up a new world with its own games, landscape and people - one of city guards and isolated villages in the mountains, complete with bandits. It is a timeless world that contains archaic aspects but which manages to remain relevant. This is thanks in part to the author’s convincing dialogue and interaction between the characters, who themselves are well-developed and easy to empathise with…The descriptions are well-judged and show a great attention to detail and imaginative thought. There are some very powerful moments throughout the novel, such as the part where Gaspi connects with his magical powers, as well as moments of humour…This blend of accessibility, emotion and action makes for a novel that is easy to read without being simplistic, and one that never drags, but keeps the audience intrigued and involved until the last page. The ending in particular succeeds in maintaining the tension and keeping the reader gripped until the last moment. This is a novel that could have a wide market appeal and would potentially sell well – it is excellently written and the ending keeps the option open for sequels.

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All versions of this book

ISBN: 9781908248565
Publication date: 07/09/2011
Publisher: New Generation Publishing an imprint of Legend Press Ltd
Format: Paperback

Book Information

ISBN: 9781908248565
Publication date: 7th September 2011
Author: Duncan Pile
Publisher: New Generation Publishing an imprint of Legend Press Ltd
Format: Paperback
Suitable for: 11+ readers
Recommendations: Debuts of the Month

About Duncan Pile

Duncan Pile was born in 1975 and grew up in Manchester. His early creative interests were expressed through classical music, a passion he pursued at degree level at the University of Nottingham (1993-1996). After graduating, Duncan moved to Hong Kong and spent the next two years travelling around SE Asia, Australia, The Arabian Gulf and Africa. Duncan returned from his travels with his health depleted by malaria and the onset of Crohn's disease, a condition he suffered with in his twenties until he underwent a major operation, which greatly improved his situation. Since then, he has trained as a Life Coach, ...

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