Itch Scritch Scratch

Written by Eleanor Updale

Illustrated by Sarah Horne

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LoveReading View on Itch Scritch Scratch

One of our Dyslexia Friendly Books of the Year 2014 - A Dyslexia Friendly Picture Book for Parent and Child   With wit and brio this picture book captures the all-too-familiar horror of a nit infestation. A bouncy rhyming text spares no detail of the revolting behaviour of nits themselves and of the millions of little lice they lay in unsuspecting children’s hair. Within the story, the life cycle of nits and their lousy offspring, the varied and frequently extreme ways of getting rid of them and the only possible redeeming feature of having them are cleverly revealed. With a rhyming text that trips off the tongue, this laugh-out-loud picture book is perfect for all the family with an easy-read font.  You may know more about nits than you want by the end of the book!

Publisher Barrington Stoke was inspired to create the Picture Squirrel Books titles after meeting a man with dyslexia at a book event.  “We were approached by a gentleman who told us that it broke his heart that he couldn’t read to his child because of his dyslexia,” M.D. Mairi Kidd told The Bookseller. “So we talked to Michael Morpurgo, who we were already working with on low text books [textbooks that use a limited number of words]."  The layout of picture books can be difficult for adults with dyslexia as the language and typeface are often very varied, the text can be cut into small chunks or is sometimes spun around a picture, which can make a book tricky if you don’t have good reading skills. Barrington Stoke worked with the authors and illustrators to ensure that the books are suitable for dyslexic readers and thereby helping more families grow a love of reading.

On the Picture Squirrels...Michael Morpurgo says: “I was immediately taken with the idea of the Picture Squirrel books, a picture book list that dyslexic parents and less confident readers can read with their
children too.”

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In addition to our Lovereading expert opinion for Itch Scritch Scratch a small number of members were lucky enough to be invited to review this title. Here's a taster....'It was a joy not to have to struggle through a book!  Elliot says thank you for helping him read proper books and so does his Mummy!'  Elliot Bateman and his mummy.

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Itch Scritch Scratch Synopsis

The kids have got - whisper it - nits! All the mummies are going mad with the nit-combs and the mayonnaise and even the hoover - but these nits don't care!

Part of Barrington Stoke's picture book range for all the family, with easy-read font.

Sharing stories is one of the best things families can do for their children and the Picture Squirrel books published by Barrington Stoke all contain a cluster of dyslexia-friendly features to help and support parents and carers with dyslexia so that they too can enjoy great books with children in their care.


Itch Scritch Scratch Press Reviews

Kids and grown ups love to read and a small number of members were lucky enough to be invited to review Itch Scritch Scratch.   You can read their reviews below.

Kevin Emmanuel, Year One - 'It was a really funny book! It made me laugh...I would give the book ten out of ten because I really enjoyed it!' Click Here to read the full review.

Elliot Bateman, age 5 and his mummy - 'It was a joy not to have to struggle through a book!  Elliot says thank you for helping him read proper books and so does his Mummy!' Click Here to read the full review.

Maisie, age 7 - 'This unusual story about creepy crawlies on your body and around you will make you laugh and itch looking for nits! Mum read this with me and we both loved the funny pictures.' Click Here to read the full review.

Joseph Harris-Hart, age 11 - 'It is written in rhyme and has colourful and funny illustrations...they show what fun the lice are having as well as the frustration felt by the mother who is trying to get rid of them.' Click Here to read the full review.

Charlotte Rosevear, age 10 - 'Awesomely funny...Several children requested the books for the school library.' Click Here to read the full review.  

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ISBN: 9781781122945
Publication date: 01/03/2014
Publisher: Barrington Stoke Ltd
Format: Paperback

Book Information

ISBN: 9781781122945
Publication date: 1st March 2014
Author: Eleanor Updale
Illustrator: Sarah Horne
Publisher: Barrington Stoke Ltd
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 32 pages
Suitable for: 5+ readers
Recommendations: Super-readable Dyslexia-friendly
Other Categories: Reviewed by Children

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Eleanor Updale on Eleanor Updale:"I grew up in Camberwell in South London, half-way up a hill which had my primary school at the top, and my secondary school at the bottom. I had hardly ever been outside London when I left to go to Oxford University, where I studied history. After that I joined the BBC, working on TV and Radio programmes from 1975 to 1990. By that time I had two children, and soon there was a third. At one point they were all under three and a half years old, so I was very busy. I left my job ...

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