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Dandelion World Stages 1-7

"Dandelion World is a new addition to the Dandelion Reading Scheme, packed with detail, interest and a great basis for classroom discussion."

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Dandelion World is a new series of non-fiction titles within the Dandelion Reading Scheme.

This is a collection of very structured phonic reading with clear guidelines as to the focus of each book, and would work well with any current reading scheme. This set of books, unlike many phonic schemes, is truly phonetic and reflects the obvious input of dyslexic and reading experts.

There are 7 levels, each one with a set of books focusing on CVC words. There is a clear introduction, and at the back, there is a ‘knowledge builder’ based on the text. So, for example, ‘Sit Tim’ about a dog focuses on jobs dogs can do, training and related vocabulary. There is also a glossary of extended vocabulary and a word list of extra words to practice. The extended vocabulary is quite advanced compared to the text including such words as nutrient, omnivore, and debris. Each book introduces new words, whilst revisiting sounds previously learned and also introducing high frequency words.

What is refreshing about all these books is that they are all non-fiction, with very varied themes, from yoga to animal care or cookery.

They are small, glossy books, making they very tactile for small young hands, but they are also wonderfully informative and packed with information for teacher or parent. They are beautifully illustrated with very clear photography, just inviting discussion. The detail of the insect photography, for example, is quite incredible.

Whilst the books look somewhat basic, with quite short text and few pages, the contents are well planned, packed with detail, interest and a great basis for discussion.

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