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Once Upon a Legend

"Another giant helping of adventure from one of our favourite authors"

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This title will be released on 23/05/2024. Pre-order now.

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Ben Miller’s stories are always big on adventure and Once Upon a Legend is certainly no exception. It stars a boy called Marcus who, after driving his teachers to distraction with his bad behaviour, is sent to a very unusual school, called Merlin’s.

Most of us would love to study at Merlin’s, where the culture is warm, welcoming and very creative. Marcus – for reasons of his own – is dead set on being a troublemaker there too. Up to mischief on his first night, he accidentally wakes up the giant who’s been sleeping in the school grounds for millennia, and before you know it, a whole troop of angry giants is marching to London to confront the PM about the damage humans have done to the natural world.

To stop them, Marcus needs to the help of his soon-to-be-stepdad, Colin, and Colin’s flying school mates, aka the Teatime Assortment. It all reaches a delicious climax on Westminster Bridge.

As ever in Ben Miller’s books, the story is funny, exciting and draws deftly on real myth – in this case, the legends of Stonehenge. The reasons for Marcus’s bad behaviour are lightly described but will strike a chord with lots of readers, while the advice on managing anger will be useful to everyone. A giant and very enjoyable helping of magic and adventure.

Join Ben Miller in conversation with LoveReading4kids Editorial Expert Andrea Reece and Kids Reading Ambassador Mia here

Andrea Reece

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