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"A complex novel about friendship, gods, stories and a realm of nightmares."

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Reading a new Frances Hardinge novel is always an adventure into a new, carefully constructed world - where things are never quite as one might imagine as you begin.  Here two friends, raised together in poverty and scavenging are leader and led, counterpoint to each other, one believing in friendship above all, the other of a very much darker outlook.  They live on one of a series of islands that form the Myriad, each island with its own long dead gods, each with its own strange traditions and stories.  The sea surrounding the islands hides many things within it, wrecks, bones as one may expect, but also the undersea where danger lurks ready to take any who venture too far and spit them out utterly changed.  

In this world Hardinge has created a masterpiece of tension, fear and friendship.  A slow coming to the realisation of the world that they inhabit, and a look at power and how it can be manipulated for politicians, gods and evildoers own nefarious ends. It makes your mind race with the adventure but pulls you up to consider the philosophy behind the characters motivations.  A truly great read – I think I may have to read it again now!  

Tricia Adams

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