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Moving On Up

"As warm and funny as the author herself, this is a brilliantly accessible guide to growing up."

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

June 24 Non-Fiction Book of the Month

Although Rosie tells the reader at the beginning that there is no need to read the whole thing at once - just dip in and out to the sections you feel you need - if you do read it in a single sitting as I did, you come away feeling as if you have made a friend.

For anyone facing a big change, such as starting secondary school, this is exactly the sort of friend you need on your side. Rosie has put so much of herself into this book, not just her personality, but recounting situations and experiences she has had and talking about the mistakes she made and how she dealt with them. She is so genuine, frank, funny, and wise that she cannot help but make a real connection with a reader.

Young people always know when they are being talked down to or patronised and this is the polar opposite of that. The engaging illustrations and layout (each section is prefaced by suggested snacks and drinks to accompany reading as well as suggesting when it might be useful to read this part) ensure that this is a book which will be picked up and will instantly engage young readers.

Obviously, Rosie does not claim to be an expert in any area and always suggests where you need to go for proper help, which is just what a good friend would do. I particularly like the little questions she asks of the reader throughout, in order to get them thinking in the right way about themselves. Dealing with friendships, bullying, social media, family, body confidence, puberty and first crushes and published at the perfect time for transition students, this deserves to be snapped up by schools and families everywhere.

Joy Court

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