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Monkey-House Mouse and the Storytime Zoo

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

This is a delightful rhyming children’s story. Little Brown Mouse lives at the Zoo and entertains the zoo animals with stories about the time she spent outside the zoo. The zoo animals love to hear her entertaining tales about life beyond the zoo. One day, poor Mouse gets sick and loses her voice! She can’t tell her stories for a whole week, and the animals miss their entertainment. They try to take her place and tell stories themselves, but they aren’t as good as Mouse at story-telling and drawing pictures. Meanwhile, Mouse reads books to fill her story drum of memories so she will be ready to tell new stories to her friends when she is feeling better. The animals band together to give Mouse a surprise. When she is feeling better, they entertain her with their own stories! Even though the stories don’t have all the correct details, the point is they have tried and Mouse is so happy that they have made this effort for her. The book teaches children to use their imaginations, try their best, be caring, and do things for others to reciprocate. It is a feel-good story with beautiful, colourful illustrations. The author also dedicates 2 full pages to giving children tips for making up their own stories. Highly recommended for children from about 3 years to 6 years old.

Susan Gibbs, A LoveReading4Kids Ambassador

LoveReading4Kids Ambassador

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