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On The Beach: The Winter Visitor

"A heart-warming children's story with charming illustrations"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

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This is a heart-warming children's story with charming illustrations. It has an important message on how we can each do our bit to halt climate change. Kit and Seal go to the beach on a cold, gloomy day to build sand sculptures. Kit spots a polar bear on a slab of ice that is floating towards the beach. They give him something to eat and decide to take him home for the night. They manage to sneak him into their house. A policeman comes knocking on the door the next day asking about the polar bear. By now, their mother is in on the secret and tells the policeman that the polar bear will return home the following day. She suggests that the children give the bear a nice cool bath with ice cubes. The prime minister comes to visit and comes up with a clever plan to get the bear back to the Arctic Circle in no time! The children’s mother also suggests a plan for the prime minister to announce to the public. It involves a way we can use less energy and heat. Ultimately, not as much of the polar bear’s icy homeland will melt. Read the book to experience this sweet story. Recommended for children from about 6 years upwards. Older children will be able to read the book themselves. 

Susan Gibbs, A LoveReading4Kids Ambassador

LoveReading4Kids Ambassador

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