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Follow that Scent!

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Like The Runaway Clothes, the author’s previous picture book, Follow that Scent! hinges around an antic-packed chase set against a charming countryside backdrop — a classic set-up for comic capers. Infused with an infectious sense of adventure and imagination as its inquisitive protagonist follows his nose, Follow that Scent! is great to share and read aloud, with lots of lively dialogue, and plenty to talk about as a thrilling race plays out. And all this underpinned by a “never give up!” message, and the joy of being in nature. One warm spring morning, a boy’s nose is tickled by a scent that “danced in the breeze like a butterfly.” He liked the scent so much, he sets off “after the scent he had in his nose”, encountering a cast of animal characters and a horse rider as he races through the countryside in search of it. Despite some mayhem, a disagreement, and a momentary lapse, the boy remains committed to his quest, and so the scent’s magic is shared. Julian Armistead’s story and Sarah Hoyle’s illustrations are both characterful and richly sensory, and both also radiate the warmth of spring as well as a sense of adventure.

Joanne Owen, A LoveReading4Kids Ambassador

LoveReading4Kids Ambassador

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An intriguing illustrated 15-page children’s story book

Follow that Scent is an intriguing illustrated 15-page children’s story book. A little boy smells an interesting aroma and is so focused on following it, that he loses interest in the ice lolly. He sticks the lolly in his pocket! A wasp smells the scent of his lolly and follows him. Then a bird sees the wasp and follows the wasp, the bird is followed by a cat, which is followed by a dog, which is followed by a horse with a very short temper! Just when the story seems to be reaching a crescendo, the boy loses the sent. The animals are all irritated as they all bump into each other when the boy stops running. What will happen next?

The words seem to dance across the pages, like the scent wafting through the air.... Read Full Review

Susan Gibbs

A story full of discussion points and with lovely illustrations that allow the reader to become absorbed.

A sweet little story about a boy who, so distracted by a smell, ends up annoying a variety of animals by being careless. He only realises what he's done when he loses the scent and becomes scared.... Read Full Review

Jill Barton