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Old Gods New Tricks

"A mind blowing and hugely entertaining mythological adventure"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

July 2023 Book of the Month

This highly talented author/ illustrator, perhaps best known for his Myth Atlas, translated into 18 languages, puts his depth of knowledge of mythology around the world to very good use in this fresh and original take on a story about gods and humans. Indeed, each chapter starts with a quote from a genuine encyclopaedia of mythology, but this does not overwhelm, just adds another layer to the storytelling and actually visually represents our heroine’s research. Trixie is well named and has quite a reputation for trickery herself. She is the fiercely intelligent and independent daughter of two anthropologists, and she uses her passion for studying myths to work out that it is the Gods who have taken power (electricity) from the world threatening total disaster for humans. Not only that, but she plots to enlist (trick) the most famous trickster gods from different cultures to help her steal it back and to save the world.

The concept of all the deities knowing each other and squabbling, like all families do, is highly entertaining. Trixie really has to pit her wits against a variety of challenges to get each god on her team, but she will need them all to face the rip-roaring conclusion on Olympus. Although there is a lot of humour and obviously lots of magical adventures, this is a story with depth, wisdom and pathos which reminded me of Terry Pratchett because the world created is treated with utter seriousness and belief. One almost suspects that Mr De Moreas has met many of these gods himself!

The brilliant illustrations only add to the wide-ranging appeal of, what I hope will be, the first of many adventures with the redoubtable Trixie.

Joy Court

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Reader Reviews

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I really enjoyed reading this book and was definitely recommend to my friends. I have shared it with my class during show and tell.

Old Gods, New Tricks was a book that looked appealing to me. I am enjoying reading about greek mythology with my class at school.
I liked how all the gods were on the front cover. I was curious to find out what Trixie is holding?
This book reminded me of those by Maz Evans, which I really enjoy and liked that he had given a review too.
During the story I particularly liked how it included most the trickster gods; Hermes is one of my favourites but he wasn’t included so I hope he joins the next quest.
My favourite part was where Trixie made Old Coyote lose a bet. He lost when Trixie made drunk bunnies follow her. He tripped over the bunnies which made him stop dancing and lose the bet.... Read Full Review

Ben Horne

Perfect for kids who like adventures, magic and learning about different cultures. You'll also get to know all about awesome gods and learn about myths and legends.

I enjoyed the opportunity to read this as it is not my normal style of book but I was immediately obsessed with the mythical adventures. I like the character of May and the different Gods, including Thor and Anansi! I learned about different cultures while May went on an epic adventure to gather the gods and help them regain their powers. She faces dangerous challenges and learns a lot about friendship, bravery and believing in yourself. Some nail biting moments to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. Great illustrations too make the story come alive!... Read Full Review


Marvellous, madcap mayhem unleashed on a world of darkness!

I thought it was really good because I liked the different gods and the adventure they go on to save the world without electricity.... Read Full Review

Benji Marshall