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My Emotions and Me

"Strategies to help make our lives better explained through words and pictures"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Age has nothing to do with our ability to control our emotions, but it can be particularly difficult for young people, and the earlier they get into the habits of mindfulness the better. How much better would we all feel too if we understood why we feel anger or frustration, or any of the other emotions that make our lives difficult.

Set out in graphic novel format, as conversations between Art-Mella and a friendly rat, this book aims to help children manage their moods, understand their feelings and even how their brain works. The mix of friendly text and cartoon style illustrations makes it appealing and accessible, and the practical activities suggested are well described and easy to follow, write-in pages adding to the sense the reader will have of being involved and consulted.

The age range suggested is 7+ but adults too will find tactics to use to improve their lives too.

Andrea Reece

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