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The Circle Breakers

"High stakes dilemmas and friendship bonds abound in this exhilarating penultimate instalment of an inventive time-travel series."

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

This third book in Patience Agbabi’s The Leap Cycle trilogy is an action-packed, inspirational joy. Whirling with invention and the indomitable spirit and quick-witted thinking of its 14-year-old autistic protagonist, it sees Elle and her fellow extraordinary Leaplings — children born on the 29th of February with a rare gift of being able to leap through time — flip back to 1880 via a ghost train and encounter none other than The Grandfather, a notorious criminal leader.

With his “deathly white skin and “slate-grey eyes”, The Grandfather is a fearsome sight, and he has a proposition for Elle and co. He needs them to work for him to prevent Leaplings being exposed and, ultimately, to protect themselves from coming to harm. Big-time. The Grandfather knows they’re the only ones who can solve this problem, “Because…you think different. You see details others don’t. You work stuff out”.

Alongside the sense of peril and time running out, Elle is faced with tremendous personal challenges, which makes her story all the more edge-of-your seat engaging. And all this is interwoven with mystery, problem-solving and a palpable sense of friendship. The stage is set for a thrilling finale…

Joanne Owen

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This is an exciting adventure book and really makes you want to keep on reading. Elle must decide if she will work with a villain to keep a big secret and protect her friends.

Elle is a leapling, they are special children who were born on February 29th. Leaplings can leap through time! This is an exciting adventure book and really makes you want to keep on reading. Elle must decide if she will work with a villain to keep the secret of the leaplings safe.... Read Full Review

Skye Summers

I really enjoyed reading the Circle Breakers and I was hooked into the story from the first few pages. It’s a must read action adventure story. 5 stars

The Circle Breakers is an exciting book that had me hooked from the first page to the last page.
I loved the book and managed to read it very quickly over a few days.
The story has the main character Elle having to go on an adventure and to solve puzzles to help save a big secret from being uncovered.... Read Full Review

Elissa Watkin