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The Duck Never Blinks

"Blinking brilliant!"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Jeanne Willis Guest Editor Book of the Month July 2023

The Duck Never Blinks by Alex Latimer is the best read-aloud book in decades. If I was a kid, I’d demand to hear it again and again…and again! Shudder not, parents, teachers and carers, this one is as rewarding to read and perform as it is to listen to. Destined to be a classic, the illustrations are beautifully simple, the words are simply hilarious and as the suspense builds, it’s like playing the best interactive party game. Young or not so young, we all need a good laugh and this book is really blinking funny. - Jeanne Willis.

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Readers are drawn into this story directly and from the first page: ‘You see that DUCK over there?’ asks the narrator (we do). ‘I’ve been watching that duck all day and it hasn’t blinked. Not. Once.’ From then on it’s a combined effort to get the duck to blink – shouting, telling a sad story, cracking a joke – nothing works!

Does the duck even have eyelids, wonders the narrator. A close up proves yes, it does. Through all of this, the duck stares back at us, beady eyes unblinking. Eventually, the narrator gives up and goes home and then… does duck blink? Read the book to find out, but it’s certainly winking on the final spread!

The duck features on every single page, against different coloured backgrounds, eyes gazing out and pulling us into the story. It’s one of the funniest, most engaging books you’ll read this year and young readers will love it, the final pay off guaranteed to have them laughing aloud every time.

Andrea Reece

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