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The Homesick Fox

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

I absolutely love this book. The illustrations are beautiful with so much colourful detail. The story is very poignant, we've all been stuck in places we don't want to be, trying to find the courage to change our situation. The Fox does just that and the story ends on a positive note, a lesson for us all. The story is told in verse, but not the simple baby verse of early readers. This is much more subtle rhyming, but it flows easily. My grandchildren ( ages 6-10) all enjoyed reading this book and have asked for it a few times. A book to be enjoyed on many levels and one for the bookshelf.

Chris Woolfenden, A LoveReading4Kids Ambassador

LoveReading4Kids Ambassador

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This is a beautiful book. The story-line may be simple but the sentiment is one that many will have shared at some stage in their lifetime.

When fox wanders into the unknown territory of the city and remains there, his loneliness and isolation encourage him to escape and rediscover his former life in the countryside. This is a beautiful book. The story-line may be simple but the sentiment is one that many will have shared at some stage in their lifetime. The artwork is simply exquisite; impeccable in colour and detail, it is a book that I would keep on a coffee table and delight in opening. Written in well-constructed rhyming prose, I enjoyed the variety in verb and adjectival use and the lively pace reflects the fox's journey.... Read Full Review

Val Rowe

Great story about being homesick and how to get back home. The illustrations are very bright and colourful.

The is a story about a lonely fox who lived in the city and was very homesick. He dreamt about what he used to be like. He used to live in the forest, hunted at night, had alert eyes, keen and bright, barked at the moon and stars in the sky. He had been wild, stealthy and sly. He was wild and free.

He strayed into the city one night and can't remember why he stayed. He didn't like being tame. He didn't have to hunt for food just scavenge every night. He yearned for home. The sounds at night, engines revved, headlights glared, sirens wailed, car horns blared, lorries rumbled into the night with fog lights on. Fumes and smoke made the fox cough, whine and choke. He was so very lonely.

One night he decided he had enough of the loneliness.... Read Full Review

Diana Mason

This book will have you completely enamoured with its affable fox, through poetic storytelling that was thoroughly entertaining to read.

The Homesick Fox by David Greaves is a hopeful tale about a lonely city fox who decides to venture off into the enchanting woodlands of the countryside, in search of companionship and a place they can call home. The story together with its expressive artwork, vividly illustrated by Danielle Callaghan is fun for both parent and child alike with its poignant lessons and stirring themes, such as loneliness. The Homesick Fox is the perfect answer to the question; Can adults enjoy children's books? Yes, they most definitely can!... Read Full Review

Lois Cudjoe