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Picco Puppy Loves Football

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

'Picco Puppy Loves Football' is a simply written tale about a puppy who finds things difficult, doesn't give up and who's perseverance is rewarded by success in the end. It is written in a way that small children will be able to understand. There is a suggestion in the introduction that Picco faces specific challenges which make keeping going more difficult for him but these adversities are left vague, allowing the readers to apply the message of the book in all circumstances. The illustrations are clear and uncomplicated, portraying a diverse collection of characters; I think they will appeal to small children - as will the charming story.

Jane Welby, A LoveReading4Kids Ambassador

LoveReading4Kids Ambassador

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A lovely book to give a child confidence and if Picco can do it so can they.

This is a lovely illustrated book, it's a good book to read at bedtime and for the child. Not everyone gets it right the first time and this book is about persevering to get it right- just like Picco, who is not good at playing football and requires to keep on going to succeed. It is all about improving and getting better. The story is about friends, family and is such an inspiration.... Read Full Review

Jane Brown

This is a story about how a little puppy has overcome his fears and achieved his dream.

This is a story about how a little puppy has overcome his fears and achieved his dream. His family and friends support him always. When he feels he has failed, they build him up. They keep telling him to continue to try everything more often until he becomes much better at his running, dribbling, being able to shoot better and get goals and not being able to save goals. A very important issue to learn in life. You can't do everything at once. You have to go slow, practice and improve every day so that you can become a better player. In the end, Picco wins “Player of the Week”.... Read Full Review

Diana Mason

A simple, easy to read book for younger children.

A simple, easy to read book for younger children. Told in rhyme, it shows how perseverance can pay off when playing a game. Good, bright illustrations accompany the text, with a range of friendly animal characters. A book for boys and girls who enjoy football that teaches team spirit and colleague support.... Read Full Review

Chris Woolfenden