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How to Solve the Mystery of Crying

"The story flows well and the illustrations have vibrant colours."

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Available in Paperback and Kindle from Amazon. 

This 22-page illustrated children's storybook is delightful! Novo is a cute, friendly space robot from the planet Infinita. A storm destroys his Venus-bot flowers and he is very disappointed because they were his pride and joy and he had taken such good care of them. The rain stops falling, but Novo finds that a strange liquid is coming out of his laser eyes! He is worried that this liquid will cause him to rust. He doesn’t understand what is happening and he can’t make the liquid stop. He decides to travel to Earth to ask his friends how to stop the liquid from flowing from his eyes.  His friends teach him that the liquid dripping out of his eye are tears. They explain the different emotions that cause us to cry.  There are tears of laughter, joy, frustration, pain, anger and sadness. What kind of tears did Novo cry? Will Novo be able to stop crying? Each page has between 2 to 4 lines of beautifully written text and a beautiful illustration. The story flows well and the illustrations have vibrant colours. I recommend this book as a tool to help children understand why we cry. Children from about 3 years old will enjoy this imaginative tale.    

Susan Gibbs, A LoveReading4Kids Ambassador 

LoveReading4Kids Ambassador

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