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This is Not a Maths Book A Graphic Activity Book

This is Not a Maths Book A Graphic Activity Book

7+ readers 9+ readers 11+ readers

Author: Anna Weltman Format: Paperback Release Date: 06/04/2015

Whether you’re a maths whizz or a daring doodler, this book is your graphic guide to smart art! Discover how maths can be artistic and art can be mathematical with this awesome activity book, full of fun drawing challenges with a hint of maths! See the left brain and the right brain come together to create fantastic maths art.

Utterly Amazing Science

Utterly Amazing Science

9+ readers 11+ readers

Author: Robert Winston Format: Hardback Release Date: 01/07/2014

This book helps you learn about the awe-inspiring world of science with pop-ups, pull-outs, and fantastic facts with Professor Robert Winston. Utterly Amazing Science is an engaging, eye-catching approach to exploring what makes the world go round. Professor Robert Winston unravels the mysteries of science alongside pop-ups, pull-outs, flaps, sliders and incredible science facts to make learning about science fun and interactive. Use push and pull sliders to feel the force! You can understand the building blocks of matter with a pop-up atom or lift the flaps on the periodic table. You can discover the incredible core topics in the world of science, including forces and motions, light and colour, elements and matter, and magnets and electricity with clear explanations and fun activities to help your child understand the building blocks of science. Perfect for budding scientists with the combination of information and interactivity, Utterly Amazing Science will leave you thoroughly blown away!

House of Horrors

House of Horrors

7+ readers 9+ readers

Author: Nick Arnold Format: Hardback Release Date: 01/09/2012

Winner of the Best Book with Facts in the 2013 Blue Peter Book Awards. House of Horrors lifts the roof on the disgusting details of domestic life as only Horrible Science. Who lives in a house like this? Just about everyone. This book will have the cleanest of neat freaks running for cover when they discover what they'll never be able to get out of the carpet.

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