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The Accidental Diary of B.U.G.

"Make friends with Billie Upton Green via her fabulous doodle diary "

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

May 2021 Book of the Month

Ten-year-old Billie Upton Green opens up her doodle diary to readers, and what a treat it proves: a fabulously lively and idiosyncratic record of an eventful couple of weeks in her life.  When a new girl joins her class, Billie is determined to make her feel welcome, even though Janey seems a bit of a show-off. She’s disconcerted that Janey doesn’t know what it means to be adopted, like Billie, or that you can have two mums, also like Billie. It gets harder to like Janey though when it appears she’s stealing Billie’s best friend, Layla. This also seems, to Billie, to put Janey in the frame for a sudden spate of thefts at their school, but the culprit is someone else altogether and by the end of the book, Billie, Layla and Janey are firm friends, the three of them performing a special dance at Billie’s mums’ wedding. Readers will love Billie’s adventures, and her funny, doodle-filled way of sharing them, as much as they love the Dork Diaries or Wimpy Kid stories, and it’s great too to see such a warm celebration of diverse family life.

Andrea Reece

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Reader Reviews

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I think this book is funny as it has rules for how to eat biscuits, it also has great illustrations and an interesting plot.

This book is about a girl named Billie and her best friend, Layla. Billie’s initials spell out B.U.G. A new girl, Janey, joins the class and Billy isn’t sure whether to trust her. Then when Mrs Robinson’s purse gets stolen, and Janey turns up at school with fancy new scrunchies, Billy wonders if it could have been Janey?

My favourite bit in the book was Billie and Layla’s Biscuit Laws on page 17, because they give you rules for eating biscuits in certain ways, e.g. “The Completely-Deconstruct-It Charter (mainly for Jaffa Cakes): Thou shalt endeavour to take it apart completely, saving the sweet disc of jelly till last.”

Throughout the book there are pictures, and I like them very much because they have lots of detail and have fantastic facial expressions.... Read Full Review

Isabella Tse

Very interesting and funny diary set book following Billie which you won't be able to put down.

This book was really funny and had lots of jokes and amazing illustrations. I loved that it was set as a diary and gives you an insight to what Billie hears,sees and thinks.

The fact it has her mistakes crossed out and lots of Doodles in it really brings this book alive.... Read Full Review

Lexi mooney

Great diary type book telling the tale of a young girl called bug and her relationships with her friends. A great read!

This is a great book of a young girl telling her story like a diary. The book covers everything she gets up to at school and how she becomes friends with the new girl who first of all she thinks is a thief.... Read Full Review

angelito Francisco