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A Tangle of Spells

"Magical adventures, spellbinding storytelling "

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

February 2021 Book of the Month

A Tangle of Spells is book three in Michelle Harrison’s series of stories about the Widdershins sisters and just as magical as the first two, which is really saying something. The three girls have moved to a new village and though it seems idyllic, beneath the surface something dark is lurking. When eldest sister Fliss falls under a strange enchantment, it’s up to Betty and Charlie to save her and in the process to break the spell that’s affecting the whole of Pendlewick too. The story crackles with magic and just the right level of spookiness and jeopardy. The three sisters are some of the liveliest, most individual and most appealing characters you’re likely to meet, and reading about them is like being part of the family. For readers who love fairytale fantasy and adventure, it doesn’t come better than this.

Books in A Pinch of Magic Adventure Series:

1. A Pinch of Magic

2. A Sprinkle of Sorcery

3. A Tangle of Spells

4. A Storm of Sisters


Andrea Reece

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Reader Reviews

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This novel has been a pleasure to read and a book that I could read over again with the same delight and satisfaction.

Are you looking for a captivating book that will whisk you into a world of magic and adventure? Then this is the book for you. Just sit back and relax with this enthralling novel as you follow the Widdershins sisters, Fliss, Betty and Charlie into a world of magic where they race to uncover the mysterious story of Ivy Bell before it's too late. But when history begins to repeat itself, Charlie and Betty must fight to save Fliss before she meets the same sticky end as Ivy Bell did two years earlier. Can Charlie and Betty get though Tick Tock Forest, save their sister and discover the mystifying secrets of Pendlewick before it's too late? This is a magnificent tale that I could enjoy for hours or more.... Read Full Review

Lottie Clark

A Tangle of Spells is the first book in the ’Pinch of Magic’ series that I have read but that didn’t seem to matter. I loved the way the author described everything, the descriptions made me feel like I was really there. You should read this book if you love a good adventure story and enjoy fairy stories.

A Tangle of Spells is the first book in the ’Pinch of Magic’ series that I have read but that didn’t seem to matter. The author helped me to understand what had already happened to the Widdershins sisters and I would still like to read the other books.

I loved the way the author described everything from “the old building, with its flaking shutters and a slightly drunken lean to the left” to “her rosebud mouth which was pink and plump.” The descriptions made me feel like I was really there. I also loved the way author used unusual words like ‘mizzly.’

The author kept me guessing who the old lady was, I didn’t work it out straight away, and I liked the way the story jumped between different people.... Read Full Review

Libby Pretty

A Tangle of Spells is an action packed book, full of magic and wonder.

A Tangle of Spells is a brilliant action packed book which is part of the 'Pinch of Magic Series' along with A Sprinkle of Sorcery.

It is a story about 3 girls called Fliss, Betty and Charlie who where leaving a miserable island called Crowstone (That was in A Pinch of Magic) and are heading into what seems like a perfect little cheerful Island of Pendlewick. Little do they know that there are already two witches on that island that could do something catastrophic to Fliss. They are moving into a house called Blackbird Cottage but something seems odd about the house.... Read Full Review

Marcus Hoang