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The Ordnance Survey Kids Adventure Book

"Crack the code and become an expert map-reader!"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

July 2021 Book of the Month

The Ordnance Survey Kids’ Adventure Book is an inspiration, guide and introduction to map-reading and navigation that will give both competence and confidence to young explorers. 

Ever since I was a kid, looking at a map has been imagining an adventure. Learning the symbols, colours, abbreviations, lines, dashes and fonts that illustrate an Ordnance Survey map is like cracking a secret code that makes it possible to visualise what is around and beyond. 

In this new Kids’ Adventure Book, OS has made the learning even more fun - packed cover to cover with puzzles, quizzes and tips that will keep the young adventurer in your family (and you!) entertained for days. Then, once they are ready to step out on their first expedition, the book also provides everything they need to know about how best to prepare, deal with difficult weather, injuries - and even where they might go in Britain and what to do if they get lost!  Perfect to equip curious kids aged 8+ with the confidence and skills to explore the outdoors and get adventurous.


Kids who love the outdoors will find more inspiration in our collection, A World of Adventure.


Greg Hackett

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This is a brilliant maps book that I am going to take with me on long journeys and use to plan adventures for my family.

This book is about exploring maps and learning to read them, with lots of questions and puzzles to test your new skills.
I love the way the book is laid out, with chapters covering different things like countryside maps and city maps. The book is just the right size to take with me when I go on journeys, but big enough that the maps are really clear to see. It feels nice, with thick paper and good printing.
I really liked finding out what the symbols mean and then looking for them on the maps, especially maps of places I’ve been to or where my parents have lived.... Read Full Review

Toby Hopwood

So much fun if you love maps, and adventures outdoors!

I have read the Ordnance Survey Kid's Adventure book and I really enjoyed it. It is very colourful and easy to read. I liked the quizzes at the end of chapters and the Test Your Skills section was really fun. It has helped me with my geography homework too. I am in the Scouts and I found the information to be really useful and I am really looking forward to using the skills when I next go on a camping trip, which is this weekend! The using your compass section helped me get better at using mine.... Read Full Review

Sam Briggs

Full of fabulous facts, magnificent maps and a whole lot of fun.

I really liked this book. It is informative, fun and easy to read. I also really love the illustrations and all the maps; I think these helped explain and support the text. This book had everything from roman ruins to compass directions. In my opinion, one of the best bits is the activities or challenges, which I found fun and kept me engaged in the book. Also, it is set out in a very good format, with chapters specialising on a certain aspect of maps. For example, chapter 7 is all about understanding the landscape, and in this area, you can find out what contour lines are. And each chapter has at least one ‘challenge’ or task for you to complete, the task in chapter 7 is about matching the terrain. Every chapter has a colour designated to it, e.g.... Read Full Review