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The Beast and The Bethany: Child of the Beast

"More gruesome Gothic fun with the Beast and Bethany"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

This is the fourth story about the Beast and Bethany, one-time potential Beast snack, now something else altogether.

They are both facing challenges, the Beast struggling – beastfully? - to become less wicked, while Bethany is getting ready for a NOT-a-date with the lovely Geoffrey. Their plans are interrupted by the arrival of something that is even more gleefully wicked and self-obsessed than the Beast. What could that possibly be?

Why, the child of the Beast of course ... yes, somehow the Beast manages to vomit out its own offspring. It’s another deliciously dark comedy, no-holds barred in descriptions of despicable behaviour. During the course of the story, we also see Ebeneezer and Geoffrey struggling with moral questions as they discover the truth about Bethany’s parents.

Gothic fun from beginning to end (and the end, on top of the Cussock Cinema, is glorious!)

Andrea Reece

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Reader Reviews

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I couldn’t put the book down. It had me hooked and every page something was happening for me to carry on reading.

Ebenezer kept a beast for 512 years and he lived in the attic. Bethany doesn’t like the beast and is trying to be teach the beast to be good. A egg is hatched from the beast. When Bethany is upset the egg child gets bigger.
The egg child finds the truth about Bethany’s parents and plans to use it against her.
It is humorous exciting and what happens next.
I couldn’t put the book down. It had me hooked and every page something was happening for me to carry on reading.... Read Full Review

Holly Boyce

A dark but humorous book that will keep older children entertained.

A funny at times and slightly dark read.... Read Full Review

Liv baker