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"A gripping Gothic adventure with real heart and humanity"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

January 2024 Book of the Month

Although obviously taking inspiration from Mary Shelley’s classic Gothic tale of Frankenstein, this is not just a watered-down version of that tale, but a fresh, original story which packs a real emotional punch within its 200 beautifully written pages.

Who could fail to find Stitch endearing? A boy who just happens to have been made (stitched together) rather than born, but who is simply trying to make the best of his life and live up to the standards his beloved Professor tried to teach him before he died. Stitch’s innocence, trust and curiosity make him very vulnerable to the likes of Professor Hardacre, who is the Professor’s nephew and has his own gruesome reasons for wanting to continue his uncle’s work. Stitch soon discovers the peril that he and especially his friend and an earlier creation, Henry Oaf, are in and together with Alice, Professor Hardacre’s assistant they try to escape. Henry is another delightful character who reads extensively and the inventive embellishments to language add humour to the story mix. Alice helps Stitch and Henry realise what they are and how they are made and warns them that the world is not very accepting of people who are different. Born disfigured and abandoned by her parents, she has direct experience of this before she was rescued and put to work by Professor Hardacre, who is perhaps not entirely bad.

Kenny’s novels often centre around the topic of difference and what makes us human and here in this gripping and enjoyable tale, which will have all readers rooting for a happy ending for Stitch and his companions, there are moments of great pathos as well as moments of love, hope and friendship. This is a rich and rewarding read which as a read aloud could provoke deep discussion and empathy in the audience.

Joy Court

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