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Read, Scream, Repeat

"Thirteen terrifying tales to tingle the spines of horror fans of all ages"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

October 2023 Book of the Month

Jennifer Killick has carved herself a unique and successful niche of writing horror stories that are pitch perfect for pre-teens, genuinely scary, but also full of heart and humour and not just for Halloween!

Here she has curated a collection of 13 (it could, of course, be no other number) stories from a quite amazing range of talented authors, including Joseph Coelho, Elle McNicoll, Jasbinder Bilan, Sharna Jackson and Kirsty Applebaum to name but a few.

With writers of this quality, it can be no surprise that each story is a perfectly crafted, deliciously dark gem that will send shivers down your spine. The stories themselves encompass everything from carpets possessed by evil spirits to mysterious monsters lurking in lakes, ghostly graveyard discoveries to flesh-eating aliens that lurk in the shadows and the sort of birthday party that you really, really don’t want to be invited to.

Some of these are classic horror tropes, but others have more of a sci-fi dystopian feel, and all of them have memorable characters, vivid descriptions and page-turning tension. Short stories are perfect for reading aloud and some of these stories have the bonus of multiple parts which can be used to ratchet up the tension day by day! An absolute must have in the lead up the increasingly popular Halloween celebrations, but it will be a popular choice all year round.

Joy Court

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Reader Reviews

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Thirteen is unlucky for some but Read, Scream, Repeat is a superbly spine-chilling collection of stories written by thirteen different authors - definitely recommend!

Thirteen is unlucky for some but this spine-chilling bunch of short stories written by thirteen different authors is such a great book. Read, Scream, Repeat features various writing styles that all have one thing in common: they make you shiver. My favourites are the stories by Jennifer Killick, Aisha Bushby and Elle McNicol. They are about creepy things like zombies hunting you down, a monster in the depths of a lake and a pond that forever sucks you down down down...... Read Full Review

Poppy Smithson-Zipfel

A spine-tingling brilliant book of horror stories by 13 talented authors. Read before bed if you don’t want to go to sleep!

Read, Scream, Repeat is a brilliant collection of terrifying stories. They are written by 13 different authors and each one is different. Some scared me more than others ('The Pond' by Jennifer Killick and 'Charlie’s Twelfth' by Sharna Jackson). 'A cry from the graveyard' by Jasbinder Bilan and 'The Glass House' by Polly Ho-Yen left me shivering with fright.
This book has made me want to read more horror.... Read Full Review

Amatullah Khatun

Read, Scream, Repeat is a great book for those who are craving a bit of a fright. It contains a selection of spooky- ish stories from haunted houses to robotic humans who don’t even know they’re robotic. It’s sure to keep you wondering and guessing throughout.

Read, Scream, Repeat is a book full of spooky stories. From haunted houses to robotic humans who don’t actually realise they’re the weird ones, it’s a book full of surprises!
I particularly enjoyed ‘Talos Springs’, one of the shorter stories from the selection chosen for the book.
It centres sound a girl who lives in Talos Springs in a sort of children’s home. Observing the people who live over the road- The Magpies, she wonders why they appear different, strange, a bit weird! When one of the girls is ‘adopted’ by the Magpies, but then returns- something that never happens, she questions why.
In a tale of twists, this story will keep you wondering right until the end.... Read Full Review

Willow Brown