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Pick a Story: A Monster Princess Shark Adventure

"Can you tail a teddy? Sparkling new ‘pick your own adventure’ picture book"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Little Zara is at the beach with her teddy when – oh no - he disappears! Now’s your chance to help her track him down because this series applies the favourite choose-your-own-adventure format to picture books, providing the reader with story options at each page turn.

If you think a princess has taken Ted, turn to page 5. If you think a monster’s got him, then it’s page 6. As you set the storyline, there’s a different adventure with each reading. The format is lots of fun for youngsters, the lively nature of the different scenarios a definite plus, and the opportunity for them to shape the story will be irresistible.

There are mini puzzles and challenges scattered throughout too, testing logic and memory. It all makes for a thoroughly rewarding reading experience and it’s a great way to introduce children to the basics of storytelling too.

Andrea Reece

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Reader Reviews

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Great fun for little ones who want to make all the choices!

When a little girl loses her teddy at the seaside it is up to the reader to help her choose where to look first. Was it the 10 baby sharks, the monster (who's really a scaredy cat) or the squabbling twin princesses who took the beloved toy?

This book is so full of bright illustrations, there are always more details to pick out of each picture. We had great fun deciding which page to turn to at the end of each section depending on where we wanted the story to go next. There are so many different storylines to try it really is a different tale, all hilariously funny, for each reading.... Read Full Review

Seren Mellish

Absolutely lovely little book and very funny

Really love book, nice bright and bold colours, which attracts your attention. The pictures are brilliant and the story is also very good and funny.... Read Full Review


Multiple books in one! A clever book which has the reader captivated and engaged as they determine the story’s ending.

This is a unique book which had the reader choosing the problem and the outcomes. The child chooses what happens next, making the child their own author! It has beautiful illustrations which capture the child’s imagination. Be warned though - your child won’t want to put the book down and story time might last a lot longer than usual! The book has elements for both daughters and sons making it ideal for everyone.... Read Full Review