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Poppy The Pea Oh, what a great way to be

"A super-cute story that sees a little pea dream big and overcome her fears to find freedom and joy."

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

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Dedicated “to every sweet pea longing to be free”, Poppy the Pea is super-sweet inside and out. Presented in a cute small hardback format that’s perfect for little hands, it’s an irresistible package of charming illustrations and poetry.

The lively rhyming story is a joy to read aloud, and infused with a quirky sense of fun as we meet Poppy, “a pea amongst peas”. Though she and her “many mates that were peas” live in “dark and freezy degrees”, Poppy longs for freedom. She holds “dreams in her heart and fears in her mind”. Her biggest dream is to “be bold like a tree” and “free as a bee”, but being brave isn’t always easy.

In time, though, with the help of her friends and inspired by stories of pioneering pea hero Percy the Great, Poppy takes giant leaps (quite literally!) and overcomes several setbacks during her adventure.

With stylish, characterful illustrations, and refrains at the end of each page, this is elegantly eccentric and great for prompting discussions around feeling scared, being brave and finding comfort in friends.

Joanne Owen, A LoveReading4Kids Ambassador

LoveReading4Kids Ambassador

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A sweet and amusing story about a little pea.

This is a sweet and amusing story about a little pea. She is not your average pea because she is not content to settle for the expected life that the average pea has: waiting in the dark freezer before being cooked and eaten up! She dreams of exploring the world just like one of the Great Explorer peas from 1888. Because she is so used to the darkness of the freezer, she has a fear of light to overcome first. The story is written in rhyme and I love how an important idea is repeated on the last line of each page, to reinforce the central point of that page. The illustrations are simple but beautiful and effective. The story teaches children about the importance of having dreams and  facing your fears, otherwise you won’t have a chance to achieve your dreams.... Read Full Review

Susan Gibbs

A wonderful and inspiring story about Poppy the pea.

A wonderful and inspiring story about Poppy the pea. The illustrations are simple but are highly amusing. Even as an adult, I shall read this beautiful story of an adventurous pea who believes she can be different.... Read Full Review

Jill Barton