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Vivi Conway and the Sword of Legend

"With an inclusive cast of characters, this contemporary adventure melds the magic and monsters of Welsh myth with themes of friendship"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Presenting a fresh take on Welsh myths of lake monsters, magical swords and dogs named Gelert, and driven by its spirited autistic protagonist, Lizzie Huxley-Jones’ Vivi Conway and the Sword of Legend is a fine story for readers who like adventures with heart. Just as The Mums (Vivi’s collective name for her Mam and Mumma) have decided they’re leaving Wales for London, Vivi hears a lake calling to her: “Come here. Come look”. Having resisted its calls for about a week, she finally succumbs, sneaks out at night and winds up finding Excalibur and encountering a terrifying monster that’s “basically a giant beaver”. Thankfully Dara and their talking dog Gelert come to Viv’s rescue, but that’s just the start of it…

As things turn out, Vivi’s move to London is but one of many big changes. In London, to her shock, Dara is at her new school, and she then learns that she’s one of a magical band of children, with the power to control water, and a responsibility to protect the world from evil King Arawn.

Alongside the adventure, Vivi’s new friendships are a joy, and her autism is presented with tender clarity, such as when she explains that her “version of normal is quite different from everyone else’s” and shares her “anxiety about things changing”.

Joanne Owen

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Magical and full of mythical adventure.

Magical and full of mythical adventure. The story is really imaginative with some great educational facts thrown in. The main character Vivi Conway is courageous and meets some awesome friends on her quest. The front cover caught my attention.... Read Full Review