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A message from 8 year old Charlie Small:

My name is Charlie Small and I am 400 years old (give or take a few years).  But in all this time, I’ve never grown up.  Something happened when I was 8 years old, something I can’t begin to understand.  I went on a journey... and I’m still trying to find my way home.  After all my adventures I can speak fluently in outrageous languages, battle the scariest beasts (and people!) and spit a hundred metres, not to mention some of the other things I’ve done.  I’ve travelled to the ends of the earth and to the centre of the earth.  You may think this sounds fantastic, you may think this sounds like a lie.  But you would be wrong, because everything in these amazing diaries of mine is true.  Believe this single fact and you can share the most incredible journey ever experienced!

charlie small


If feedback from children of 6+ and parents is anything to go by then this series is an absolute must for every child to read alone and for parent and child to read together at bedtime.  Each book is written as a diary and full of illustrations making it perfect for picking up and putting down, though you’re more likely to find kids reading each diary from beginning to end in a sitting because each one is so compelling and parents will keep hearing the words ‘one more page please...’ at bedtime!!!  Yes they really are that good and girls seem to love them as much as the boys.

So get reading – we have an extract of every title so you can try before you buy and if you want to read the diaries in order, here it is:

1.    Gorilla City
2.    Pirate Galleon
3.    The Puppet Master’s Prison
4.    Destiny Mountain
5.    The Underworld
6.    Frostbite Pass
7.    The Mummy’s Tomb

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