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The Warrior in My Wardrobe Reader Reviews

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The Warrior in My Wardrobe

This story is about Rose and her brother Kris. They can do magic but danger is never far away. One day, Kris is kidnapped. Can Rose save him? …

This is the second book in the series after ‘The Wizard In My Shed’ and the reader re-joins Rose and Merdyn the wizard on a new quest. In this book, Rose’s brother Kris, has been kidnapped by Merdyn’s nemesis, Vanheldon. We meet members of Merdyn’s family as together they work with Rose to free Kris. Will they survive? Will Kris ever return to his own home?

Just as in the first book, the author has notes at the bottom of the page to explain meanings for unknown words, which is helpful.

If you liked The Wizard In My Shed, you will enjoy this follow up story too.

Isabella Tse

Magical brother and sister Rose and Kris battle to get back to the present day from the dark ages without changing the course of history! A fantastic mix of magic, adventure and mayhem!

I really liked this book as it’s all about history and magic combined.
Rose and Kris are siblings and both have special magical blood that no one else in the family does. One day Rose and Kris have a huge argument about who is better at magic and Kris manages to knock down Rose’s vet animal shed with a spell. Luckily no animals were harmed! After the shed incident, their mum banned magic for six whole months. A few days later, Rose goes swimming with her mum and when they return home the house has been ransacked and Kris is missing.

Philippa Latchford