March 20th is the UN International Day of Happiness, this year with the theme of 'Be Mindful. Be Grateful. Be Kind'.

The books in this collection echo those feelings - simple steps that you can use anytime and anywhere to give yourself a boost and build your compassion for others.

Through colourful, lively pages, We Feel Happy by Katie Abey introduces very young children to a range of emotions. In addition to being happy, there are pages dedicated to feeling excited or shy or scared - and through the illustrations we can question what has made the animals happy...or even a bit grumpy.

    Full of playful happiness (and young children can learn their shapes too!), The Perfect Fit is the first collaboration from husband and wife team, Naomi and James Jones. The colourful artwork of triangles, circles, squares all with smiling faces, are simple and absolutely delightful - it's impossible not to feel happy when you read this book! 

    Eva Eland has a talent to fill her simple illustrations with emotion, and her gorgeous picture book, Where Happiness Begins will fill your soul with joy! With great empathy Eva encourages our very youngest readers, 3+, to explore what happiness really means....and ends on the wonderfully positive phrase that "Happiness begins with you!"

    For a fabulous feel-good read look no further than Ways to Make Sunshine! You might know Renee Watson as the author of more gritty YA novels but her foray into younger fiction has been triumphant, creating the warm and hugely huggable Ryan who spreads happiness and humour wherever she goes.

    For older readers The Boy Who Made Everyone Laughi s a brilliant read, both touching and very funny, with a great big helping of happiness. Billy Plimpton has dreams of being a stand-up comedian, a tough gig for anyone but especially hard for Billy as he has a stammer. You will laugh and cheer for Billy as he battles his stammer and the school bullies. Helen Rutter was inspired to write her debut by her son - who also has a stutter & a great sense of humour.

    Empower children with Create Your Own Happy! This colourful activity book is full of practical ideas and positive steps to lift self-esteem, understand emotion and nurture wellbeing. Create a Happy Jar, understand how music can change your mood and, for when you're feeling a bit blue there are clever ways to remind yourself of happier times. From top cheerleaders, Penny Alexander, Becky Goddard-Hill and Clare Forrest.

    If your children need a little more support, check out our Wellbeing collection with books about mindfulness, managing stress and understanding our emotions. 

    And add a spring in your step with our uplifting Easter and Spring Reads.