“I am on a curiosity voyage, and I need my paddles to travel. These books..…these books are my paddles.”   Dustin 

Are your kids missing Stranger Things? Have they binge-watched series 4 and the wait for the finale is getting gnarly?

Stranger Things is a blockbusting sci fi/mystery/horror series set in Hawkins, a small fictional Midwestern American town. The drama references 1980s pop culture, taking inspiration from film producers including Stephen King, Steven Spielberg and David Lynch and featuring a soundtrack of electronica and cult music from 80's artists such as Joy Division, New Order and Kate Bush. 

The series streams on Netflix with the fifth and final season in production, but until then we have some totally rad books to fill that gap.

The Dread Wood series from the Queen of pre-teen horror, Jennifer Killick is sensational reading for 9+. Killick knows just the right amount of gory detail to include and has a great line in teenage banter too. 

Long-time paranormal investigator and TV presenter Yvette Fielding has put her  expertise into The Ghost Hunter Chronicles, fast-paced, seriously scary adventure stories for kids who love strange and spooky tales.

Rich in painterly detail and chilling atmosphere, Rebecca F. John’s The Shadow Order is a first-class novel with YA crossover appeal, perfect for kids who like to be challenged by entertaining fiction that shares the magic of ideas and words.

We have collected together books with a Stranger Things vibe, so why not turn their world Upside Down with one of these thrillers....

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