Anthony Horowitz’s creation of Alex Rider, the teenage spy, back in 2000 has transformed reading for hundreds of thousands of children. In addition to the eleven books in the series, graphic novels and even a film, next month will see the publication of Secret Weapon - a thrilling collection of unmissable short stories.

Clever, resourceful and never one to give up on his exploits, the schoolboy turned superspy who is forcibly recruited into MI6 has found himself in many far flung places in the world and even in space armed only with his own special set of secret gadgets.

The newest addition to the series, Secret Weapon includes seven Alex Rider adventures, with three brand new stories featuring old adversaries and loyal allies. Unmissable for fans of the series, Secret Weapon is also the perfect introduction to the exciting world of Alex Rider.

Our expert review for Secret Weapon; Anthony Horowitz packs huge amounts of tension, excitement and humour into his short stories! He shows off a breath-taking ability to conjure adventure out of the most unlikely beginnings, and in his hands even a trip to the dentist turns into a full-on, peril-laden caper. There’s everything in this collection that makes the Alex Rider novels so addictive: dangerous situations, daring escapes, gadgets galore. And of course, there’s Alex himself – super-smart, super-resourceful, super-cool.  Irresistible, unbeatable reading. ~ Andrea Reece

The story of Alex Rider, reluctant teen spy, in the order of his missions:

1. Stormbreaker

2. Point Blanc

3. Skeleton Key

4. Eagle Strike

5. Scorpia

6. Ark Angel

7. Snakehead

8. Crocodile Tears

9. Scorpia Rising

10. Never Say Die

11. Nightshade

Russian Roulette - The Alex Rider Prequel

Secret Weapon - 7 Explosive Short Stories

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The Alex Rider series has sold over 16 million copies in English and is published in over 28 languages.

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