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Creative Writing Skills

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Over 70 fun activities for children

I wish this book had been produced when I first started teaching, I would have loved all the different ideas and the clear and interesting way the pages are laid out. As an experienced teacher, however, I found that many of the ideas, story starters and writing suggestions a little predictable. Nonetheless, the ideas/brainstorming pages were brilliantly written with some super ideas to inspire, such as the A-Z of character traits, the use of a dice to choose settings for a story and the work on genres and choosing better words.

It is a very accessible book and I would definitely use many of the ideas included. 

As with any activity book, it is one to dip in and out of rather than follow religiously, but is certainly idea provoking and very accessible to both teacher and child. Its accessibility and clear concise instructions would also lend itself well to the parent who wants to work on some writing tasks at home, or for a keen, creative child who wants some extension tasks or a fun writing task to work on independently.

A fun and well-constructed workbook that I am sure will prove a popular resource.

Rosie Watch

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A great resource for Key Stage 2 and 3 for encouraging and developing creative writing.

This is a really well designed, hands-on book. It is geared towards 7-11-year-olds, but I think that it could be used with Years 7 and 8 in a secondary school for creative writing lessons. The structure of the book is such that it is intended as a workbook, with spaces to fill in, thus building up confidence in writing and structure. However, I think that a teacher could use it as a textbook, writing the exercises on a display board for pupils to copy out and complete.

The book starts with a diagram proving that everyone is or has the capability of becoming an amazing author. Some myths are dispelled about the importance of spelling and grammar (let's eat grandma) and then the rest of the book is a series of exercises and story-writing techniques to try out straight away.

Sarah Seddon

An appealing book packed full of quick activities to spark creative writing. Great prompts for challenging and stretching children in their writing!

Creative Writing Skills is a lovely book full of imaginative prompts to get children writing. Examples include being asked to imagine your teacher is an alien and having to write a story about their first day in the school, or identifying five things you can currently touch and writing a story about them or, my favourite, finding your school bag is full of spoons and having to write a story about how they got there. Genre, character development, changing viewpoints, story settings and dialogue are all covered. Everything is attractively presented and the book is stuffed full of activities that could easily be used in class.

Sarah Ormes

Any budding author aged 7-11 would love this book. It has over 70 activities to encourage writing and to challenge the creative mind.

This is a super book for any child aged 7-11 who is a budding author. It is well set out with easy to follow instructions and a range of different activities to encourage children to write. Essentially it would be best suited as an activity book for children who love writing to complete at home, or to support parents who are encouraging their children to write.

Cath Richardson